Half a Heart Without You

When The boys get called in for a business trip in Hollywood before Christmas, Harry realizes that there is more than just fame in glory. Italia, strong-headed shows no mercy for the boy and his little boy band. However, will Harry show the poverty stricken mercy?


3. Bitter


"Harry, It's December 10th... I thought you said you were going to be home in two days." Mum says over the phone sadly. I sigh.

"Mum. I want to be home. I really do. But with our album just coming out, we have to do interviews for advertisement." I explain to her, although its not like she hasn't heard it before.

"Harry. You guys don't need anymore advertisement, I can barely go in public sometimes and I'm just your bloody mum!"

"I know." I sigh through the phone. "I know. But I promise I'll get you the best Christmas present. What would you like mum? I can get you anything." I say through the phone running one of my hands through my disheveled hair.

"What  I want for Christmas? Ha, want I really want Harry, is for my son to come home for the holidays. Harry, you're getting old to quick. You haven't even lived. I hear all my friends at tea talk about how I have raised such a cocky son that he won't even come home. I told them that you aren't cocky and that you are coming home for Christmas. Please don't embarrass me Harry. Please." she says sadly through the phone. I'm lost with no words to speak.

"I have to go Harry. Love you." And just like that, with the click of the phone, she's gone.

I walk to a local café and order myself breakfast. I go and sit down and just think about everything. Maybe mum's friends are right. Maybe I am over my head. I didn't ask anyone to come to the café with me because Zayn is facetiming Perrie and the wedding planner all day since this is our free day, Lou is with El and Liam is with Sophie and Niall is meeting up with his friends today.

I reach into my pocket to grab my wallet to tip the lady who braught me my food. I open my wallet and this crumpled, old pieces of paper falls out. I set it on the tableand hand the waitress 10 bucks. I pick up the piece of paper. I smile. It has the dirrections on them from when I got lost 5 days ago. I flip it over and to my surprise, there is writing on the back. I begin to read it:

Italia dear,

          I want you to know that I am all right. The plane exploded after I got out. No need to worry. I will find you, and then, I can give you back the deed just like your father did mine. Don't worry, Yours will be short and painful unlike my fathers. But it is okay, it is not like you ever cared about your father or mother. Oh well, I killed them both and now it's your turn. I hope it bothers you that I know where Julie lives. I will be sending letters to her so you can get  them. The fun is about to begin. Good luck and Merry Christmas.

                                                             Your number 1 fan...

"Mr. Styles? Mr. Styles are you okay?" The waitresses voice brings me back to reality.

"Oh um yeah. Thanks." I say through a gritted smile as I swallow the lump in my throat. She just gives me a weird look and walks away. I leave 5 bucks on the table and throw on my brown leather coat. I walk outside and walk to a nice little boutique that I think mum would like. She has never really been one for to fancy of things.

Tiny glass figures sit on the shelves and handmade silver jewelry lays in the cases. I buy a silver chained necklace with a peace sign hanging in the center encrusted with rubies. I think I will give this to Gemma as part of her Christmas present.

I walk through the streets bored out of my mind. But then, I do something that surprises me. I take out the paper and navigate myself back to that tiny little village, a bitter taste in my mouth. curiosity leaping out of my chest.


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