Kidnapped by Bieber

I'm a 17 year old girl, just your every day normal girl. My name is Page, I have long brown hair and green eyes. As I walk down the street could hear someone walking behind me, to close. I turned around and saw boy a little older then me. "Um, uh, hi." I said. He pushed my arm, forcing me to look forward. He grabbed my wrists and tied them quickly. "W-what are you doing?" I asked, I was scared, confused, and ready to cry. "Be quiet and you won't get hurt." He said. He shoved me in a big black van and tied me to the seats. I stayed quiet like he said, I didn't want to get hurt. A tear rolled down my cheek and another one followed. He put a rag over my mouth and I accidently breathed in. Everything got blurry and I fell asleep. *Not Famous*


37. Chapter #37



             Page's P.O.V.


                    I decided to just do as he had tolled me. I stood up, brushed myself off, and walked inside. I walked up to the counter to the lady. She had dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and freckles. She was wearing an orange hoodie, and skinny jeans with black and gray hightops. "Um, Justin tolled me to ask you for some money," I said shyley. She smiled. "Let me go get it. Hey, are you alright?" She asked. I realized a tear had escaped my eyes, and was falling down my cold cheek. I nodded my head yes. "I-I'm fine, I'm just, I'm just sad Justin ditched me." I sighed. "Don't worry, he didn't ditch you. He's protecting you. Trust me, he'll come back for you." She said, handing me a manila envalope. "You think?" I asked. "I know Justin, better than anyone else. Trust me, he's my brother." She said with a laugh. "He's your brother?" I asked her. She nodded her head. "Now go get to the mall, and get what you need." She said. I nodded my head and left. I started walking down the street towards the mall. The whole city was confusing for me. I had never been here before, and I'm being tolled to walk all around it. Sense Justin made us move, it has made me miss my family even more because now I don't have any thing at all to remember them by. I'm starting to forget what there voices sounded like, and there faces are slowly fading from my mind. I miss them. And my little..... oh my gosh! My 13 year old brother! I have to get back to Jaxon! As soon as I get to the hotel I'll call home. If he's not there, lucky for me I know his best friends phone number. I ran down the street, straight to the hotel, skipping the mall. I kept on running, the cold winter air giving me goose bumps. I did not dress good for winter. Every one else is in winter coats and boats, and hats and gloves, and I'm wearing short shorts and a tank top! I ran into the hotel and took a breath. I walked up to the desk, where a lady wearing a hotel uniform was standing at, while she typed on the computer. "Hello, welcome to the Crystal Inn. How may I help you?" She greeted, with a smiled and a warm, friendly voice. "Could I please get a room?" I asked. "Yes, how long will you be staying?" "A couple of days." I replied. She nodded her head and looked at her computer. "It looks like room 107 is open. What's your name?" She asked. "Page," I replied. "It looks like you already have a room that was set up for you. Room 392. Your Page Bieber, right?" She asked. Bieber? Oh, Justin must have gotten me a room. "Yes, that's me." I nodded. "Here is your key. Your room is on the third floor." She said, handing me a key. I took the key quickly. "Thank you. Oh, and, is there a phone in my room?" I asked. She nodded. "Yes, and a T.V. I hope you enjoy your stay here." She said. I walked towards the elevator, got in, and pressed the number 3 button. The elevator moved up, giving my stomach the butterfly's for a brief moment. Bing, and the doors opened. I walked out, and down the hall. Once I reached room 392 I used the key and unlocked the door, then I went inside. I walked over to the phone and picked it up and dialed my home phone number. As the phone rang I spotted a note next to the phone. I waited a minute for the phone, but no answer. I hung the phone up and looked at the note.


           I'll come find you in about a month. It's not safe to be around me right now. Try not to go to far. And I forgot to tell you, your little brother Jaxon was sent to live with your grandma. Anyways, I'll see you in about a month. Love you baby.

                                                             - Justin


          I smiled at the note. I folded the note, stuck it in my pocket, and layed down on the bed. I pulled the sheets over me, and closed my eyes. I was tired from running, and all the things that had happened today. After a few minutes, sleep took over me.


Sorry about earlier guys. I had accidently clicked 'publish', instead of 'save as draft'. Hope it was a good chapter!

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