Kidnapped by Bieber

I'm a 17 year old girl, just your every day normal girl. My name is Page, I have long brown hair and green eyes. As I walk down the street could hear someone walking behind me, to close. I turned around and saw boy a little older then me. "Um, uh, hi." I said. He pushed my arm, forcing me to look forward. He grabbed my wrists and tied them quickly. "W-what are you doing?" I asked, I was scared, confused, and ready to cry. "Be quiet and you won't get hurt." He said. He shoved me in a big black van and tied me to the seats. I stayed quiet like he said, I didn't want to get hurt. A tear rolled down my cheek and another one followed. He put a rag over my mouth and I accidently breathed in. Everything got blurry and I fell asleep. *Not Famous*


35. Chapter #35



          Page's P.O.V.


                    "Come on babe, time to get up." Justin's voice came, but high pitched and squeaky, He was playing around. "Mhh, Morning." I said, slowly opening my eyes. "I have something special planned, it's a surprise though." He said. "What is it?" I asked. "It a surprise! I can't tell you!" He smiled. "Can I just stay in bed all day? My head hurts like hell." I groaned. He laughed a bit. "It's called a hang over. Lets go down stairs and get you some aspirin." He said. "Can you just go get it for me, and I can stay in bed?" I begged. "Ok, I guess. Only 'cause I love you." He said then walked out of the room. I smiled at his words, but then frowned again. My head was thumping in pain, like someone put a heart beat in my head, and is using a rubber mallet to keep up with the beat. Justin was being a lot nicer, I don't know why, but I like it. Justin came up a minute later with some aspirin and a bottle of water. "Here ya go babe." He said handing them to me. I took the medicine quickly, the sooner I took it, the better. "Thanks," I said. "Your welcome," He replied. He lightly pressed a kiss to my forehead. "Take a nap for awhile, then you'll be feeling better, then you can see what I have planned." He said, then left the room. I closed my eyes and feel back asleep.


        Justin's P.O.V.


               I walked out of her room and headed down stairs. "Jenny!" I called. She ran over to me quickly. "Yah, Justin?" She asked. "When Page wakes up will you tell her to get dressed and meet me down here so I can talk to her." I tolled her. 'Sure thing. When do you think she'll wake up?" She asked. "In about an hour," I replied. She nodded her head and walked off. "Jeremy!" I called. He walked over to me. "Yah?" He asked. "Will you go start building the fence around the house. Have Max, Siva, Tom, Jay, and Levi help you. I need it up as soon as we can. I don't want any chances of Page escaping." I ordered. He nodded his head and left. "Kyo!" I called. She came running to my side, with Annabell in her arms. "Yah?" She asked. "Will you go let Kamryn and Gage out of the dungeon and tell Kamryn to take care of Annabell, and tell Gage to start working on the fence with the other boys. Then I want you to go start cleaning up the kitchen. Once its clean come back to me and I'll give you the shopping list, and you can go pick it all up form the store. And when you go to the store I want you to take Jeremy with you." I tolled her. "Alright, I'll get right on it." She said then walked off. I walked over to the last gang, they don't have a name. "Alex, Devon, and Ally, go started cleaning up the attic. If you guys find anything of worth, report back to me." I said. They nodded there heads left. "Jack, Dave, and Kade, go start fixing the electricity. I don't want to keep tripping in the halls like last night, because I can't see where I'm going. We all had that problem. They nodded there heads and left. "Nathan! Julian!" I shouted. They walked over. "Yah?" Nathan asked. "I want to talk to you guys. We need to find some more ways to secure this place. We need it so no one can get out, unless I give permission, and so no one can get it." I said. Julian is the leader of the gang with no name. "And guys, now that we all work together, we cant have our separate gangs, everyone is part of 'The Demons' now." I said, then we walked off towards a private room.


           Page's P.O.V.


                   I slowly opened my eyes and sat up. "Hey Jenny." I said, as I spotted her sitting a little ways away from me. "How's your head ache?" She asked. "It's still here, but not at all as bad as it was. I'm fine now." I smiled. "Good, Justin said he wants you to get dressed now. And then meet him down stairs." She said. "Ok, thanks Jenny." I said, then she left the room. I got out of bed and got in Justin and I's closet and picked out a pair of normal short shorts, and a black tank top. I put a frayed denom vest on over and put on a pair of socks, and put on my pair of black converse. I walked out of the room and into the bathroom. I brushed my hair, and pulled it up into a ponytail. Then brushed my teeth about 5 times, getting the smell of alcohol, and beer out of my mouth, then headed down stairs and met up with Justin outside. "Hey baby." He smiled. He rapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him, then pressed a kissed to my head. "We'll leave in just a second," He said. He continued to talk with Nathan, and another guy that I don't know yet. I don't know if I want to meet him though. He's tall, with big muscle arms, dark brown hair, black looking eyes, and a deep voice. He's really intimidating. They kept on talking for about fifteen minutes. "Ok, well you guys start working on it. Me and Page are leaving, we'll be back tonight. Every one has orders, when they are done, put them to work somewhere else." Justin tolled them. They nodded there heads and left. Justin led me over to the motor cycles and we got on. This time, he was driving.


Sorry I haven't been updating very much guys. Hope this makes up for it. I'll start updating more, I hope. I'm sick, again. How the shit did that happen? I was sick with the flu, then I get better, now I have a cold! This sucks. Oh well, I'll get better and update more. Love ya lovelies!


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