Kidnapped by Bieber

I'm a 17 year old girl, just your every day normal girl. My name is Page, I have long brown hair and green eyes. As I walk down the street could hear someone walking behind me, to close. I turned around and saw boy a little older then me. "Um, uh, hi." I said. He pushed my arm, forcing me to look forward. He grabbed my wrists and tied them quickly. "W-what are you doing?" I asked, I was scared, confused, and ready to cry. "Be quiet and you won't get hurt." He said. He shoved me in a big black van and tied me to the seats. I stayed quiet like he said, I didn't want to get hurt. A tear rolled down my cheek and another one followed. He put a rag over my mouth and I accidently breathed in. Everything got blurry and I fell asleep. *Not Famous*


24. Chapter #24



           Page's P.O.V.


                  "So Justin, why'd you come down here at such a bad time?" Nathan asked. "We're worried we might need to head out, all of us. Even the rest of the other gangs. We need to talk to-" A loud noise clanged against one of the walls. "Run! They're coming!" A man said running towards us. Nathan and Justin had shocked looks on there faces but I just stood there confused. Justin grabbed my arm and starting running, with Nathan and the other man, running along side us. I started getting really scared, if Justin of all people is afraid, then I should be to! I tried to run the best I could in my high heels. We kept on running, running towards a building in front of us. The heel on my shoes broke, causing me to tumble. I fell to the ground, hitting my still broken arm, against the ground. I looked up and saw Justin at my side. He picked me up bridal style then kept on running. I looked at my arm, that was still in the cast. It had blood dripping from the bottom of it. I started crying from the pain. Justin made it inside the building and ran up to the top floor. He locked the door behind us and set me down in a corner. There were a lot of other men in the room, and a couple women. All the women looked older than me, maybe in there late twenties. I looked at my bleeding arm again. Justin picked my arm up and sighed. "We'll have to take you to the doctors once this passes through." I bit down on my lip and held in the pain. Justin got up and looked out the window. After about five minutes had past I was able to hold back all of the pain. "Ones coming up the stairs! Whose got a gun?" Justin asked in a panache. "All the guns are in the weapons building down the street. We just barely took them off our sides to get them cleaned." Nathan sighed. "Are you people stupid?" I asked. I lifted my dress a bit, Justin seemed a bit unhappy I was doing it in front of people, but when I grabbed my gun he calmed. "Everyone to the back of the room." I demanded.   Everyone listened, even Justin. I was happy that I had power over Justin, and that he couldn't control me. I walked in front of everyone, but a little ways from the door also. There was a pounding at the door, then yelling. "Open the door now!" A man shouted from the other side. I pointed my gun at the door. "Justin, open the door." I ordered. He looked at me confused. "Don't stand there you doof!" I demanded. He ran over and opened it. As soon as the man took a step in, I pulled the trigger. He fell to the ground dead. "Is anyone else out there?" I asked. Nathan looked out the window. "No, they're clearing out." He said. I nodded my head and put my gun away. Justin walked over to me, and rapped his arm around my waist, and kissed my head. "I'll let you off for breaking the rules this time." Justin smirked. I laughed a bit. "Can we go home now?" I asked. "No, we have to take you to the doctors." He said. I sighed. "Ok, then can we go home?" I asked. "Nope, then were going to finish our date." He said. "Is the rest of it going to be like this?" I asked. "Lets hope not." He replied. After the doctors, we went a couple places, he got me a couple things, and took me to a really nice diner. I actually had fun with him.

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