Kidnapped by Bieber

I'm a 17 year old girl, just your every day normal girl. My name is Page, I have long brown hair and green eyes. As I walk down the street could hear someone walking behind me, to close. I turned around and saw boy a little older then me. "Um, uh, hi." I said. He pushed my arm, forcing me to look forward. He grabbed my wrists and tied them quickly. "W-what are you doing?" I asked, I was scared, confused, and ready to cry. "Be quiet and you won't get hurt." He said. He shoved me in a big black van and tied me to the seats. I stayed quiet like he said, I didn't want to get hurt. A tear rolled down my cheek and another one followed. He put a rag over my mouth and I accidently breathed in. Everything got blurry and I fell asleep. *Not Famous*


22. Chapter #22

I'll just update now sense I've got the time.


           Page's P.O.V.


                    He opened my door and pulled me out of the car. I was freezing, it had started snowing and I don't have a jacket. "Your walking home, be home in a half hour or the punishment will be worst." He said. I was already shivering. I started crying a bit. "It's pretty cold, you might want my jacket, to bad I'm not gonna let you take it." He laughed. He got in his car and drove towards home. This is my chance. My one chance that I'm out of the house, with no Justin around me. I turned away from the directioner of Justins house, and started running. "Ugh, these shoes!" I groaned. I pulled off my shoes and continued to run. I was freezing, and I started to loose the feeling in my feet. But I felt so free. Away from him. Yes, he saved me, but he still seems like taht mean Justin who kidnapped me. I'm done with all this kidnapping stuff. I ran into a gas station. "Sir, could I please have a couple quarters?" I asked a random man. "Um, why?" He asked confused. "I really need to make an important call home." I said, I was still crying. "Ok, sure, are - are you ok?" He asked. "I'm-I'm fine I just really need to call home." I replied. He pulled out a dollar in quaters and handed it to me. "If you need anything I live just across the street, it's the red house." He said. "Thank you sir." I replied. I ran to the phone and put in the quaters


My Mom: Hello?

Me: Mom I really need you to come get me. I'm at the 7-11 gas station at the end of town, I really need you.

Mom: Page? Is that you?

Me: Yes, now please just come, I don't have much time.

Mom: O-ok I'm coming.

Me: Thank you.



     I waited for about 15 minutes, and Justin's half hour was almost up. Just then, the gas station door flung open and my parents where standing there, scanning the place for me in shock. I ran over to them and hugged them. My Dad lifted my chin so I could looked at him. "What happened? Where have you been?" He asked, worried. "No time to talk right now, we need to leave town, now!" I said. "Why? What's going on?" My mom asked. I started pulling them out the door. "We just need to leave." I replied. The nodded there heads and we ran out to the car. The got in front and I curled up in a ball in the back seat. "What if they catch me?" I whispered to myself. "If who catches you? Explain, now!" My mom demanded. "No, I-I can't, just keep driving." I replied. Then I heard a gun shot, and the car started bouncing a bit. A tire had been shot. My parents flicked there head back shcoked. My Dad stopped the car and the kept looking back. I was to afraid to look. "Mom, Dad, run. Leave me, I'll be fine." I said. "Were not leaving you." My Dad said. "LEAVE NOW!" I screamed. My mom started crying. "No." She said. Just then both or there car doors opened, and Justin and Jeremy where standing there. "Get out." Justin said to them. Jeremy and Justin both had guns pointed to there heads. The obeyed and got out. Then the back seat car door flew open. Justin stood there glaring at me. He grabbed my feet and pulled me out, then shoved me down the the ground. "Leave her alone." Me dad said. "You must be her dad. Nice to meet you, I'm her boy friend." Justin replied, with a mean tone of voice. "Justin, leave them alone, please?" I begged. "Shut up." He said kicking me. I was still on the ground, to afraid to move. "Get up princess." Justin said. I did as he said and got up. He put his arm around me, putting his hand on my waist. He had one arm around me, and the other one with a gun in his hand, pointed at my Mom. Justin put the gun down, gave a quick glance and Jeremy and he put his gun down too. Gage and Levi walked up, with the girls following behind. The girls came over and got me, and brought me back to the car. "I know you just wanted to escape, but you just put your parents in danger too." Kyo said. Then, I heard two gun shots. I pushed myself up to the front of the car, just to see my parents on the ground. "NO!" I screamed. Then the flow of tears rushed from my eyes. "NO! NO! NO, JUSTIN! NO!" I screamed. I got out of the car, the grils tried to pull me back, but failed. I rushed to my parents and looked at them, my mother already dead. "W-we love y-you. I-In t-the s-safe, th-there's a-a p-pack-age. O-open i-it." My father said. I nodded my head. "I will. Please don't go." I begged. My father closed his eyes, and they where gone. I stood up and ran to Justin, I pushed him down and started to punch him. "I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" I screamed, as I contiued to beat him. The other three boys ran over to me and pulled me off of him. Jeremy and Levi held me down, while Gage helped Justin up. Justin galred at me, behing his now, already, swollen eye. I cried and cried. Once we even got back I cried. (For the next two weeks she lays in her bed doing nothing but crying.

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