Kidnapped by Bieber

I'm a 17 year old girl, just your every day normal girl. My name is Page, I have long brown hair and green eyes. As I walk down the street could hear someone walking behind me, to close. I turned around and saw boy a little older then me. "Um, uh, hi." I said. He pushed my arm, forcing me to look forward. He grabbed my wrists and tied them quickly. "W-what are you doing?" I asked, I was scared, confused, and ready to cry. "Be quiet and you won't get hurt." He said. He shoved me in a big black van and tied me to the seats. I stayed quiet like he said, I didn't want to get hurt. A tear rolled down my cheek and another one followed. He put a rag over my mouth and I accidently breathed in. Everything got blurry and I fell asleep. *Not Famous*


16. Chapter #16



             Page's P.O.V.


                       We had gotten home and Justin took me up to my room. He layed me on my bed and smiled at me. "I've been looking for you, every day, every night, every hour of every day." He said. "Y-you c-care t-that  much ab-b-b-bout me?" I stuttered. "I've always loved you. Ever sense first grade." He said. "First grade? How?" I asked confused. "The first day of school, you were the shyest little girl. You didn't say anything to anyone. You wore pig tails, a pink dress with purple flowers, and pink shoes." He said with a smile, brushing hair out of my face. "I'll go get you some food." He said. I smiled and he left the room. I thought back to the first day of first grade.


           Flash Back


                   "Come on sweet heart! Your going to be late for school!" My mom shouted. I was hiding under my bed, not wanting to go. I heard her open the door, then I saw her peek under my bed. "Hey, come on, it won't be so bad. You'll like it." She said. I crawled out from under my bed and she picked me up and carried me to the car




      "Welcome Page, I'm Miss. Terry. Why don't you go play with the other kids while I talk to your mom, ok?" The teacher said. I did as I was tolled and went to the other kids. One kid was shoving a toy up his nose, the other little boy was trying to eat his hand, the other kid was rubbing gum on her face, one of them was screaming the alphabet song, then another little girl was fighting over a Barbie with another girl. They were all really loud, so I grabbed a doll and played with her in the corner. "Ok kids! Now, line up then say your name." The teacher said. We all ran over and got in an unstraight line. "Malaree" "Bobby" "Aria" "Derick" "Melany" "Nelly" "Molly" "Anabell" "Joshy" "Jenny" "JUSTIN BEIBER!" One of the boys shouted, then smiled at me. "Lilly" "Jane" "Dave" "Liam" "Page" We all said our names then sat at a desk, I sat on a table in the back, against the wall.


              End Of Flash Back


         Justin was in first grade with me! So was Jenny! Hmm, Miss. Terry would be very disappointed in what Justin has become. I giggled to myself a bit. I kept thinking random things to myself and ended falling asleep.

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