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3. For Trin - Niall Horan Imagine

"Niall!" you shriek, throwing yourself into your hot Irish boyfriend's arms.

"Hey babe!" he laughs, wrapping you in one of his famous Horan hugs. "Did ya miss me?"

"Of course I did!" you giggle. "The Big Apple is rather lonely with no one to share it with." you pout playfully.

Niall laughs and gives you a kiss. It grows in passion, and he bunches a hand in your brown hair. You eagerly kiss him back. He pulls you away and stares into your green eyes. You are absolutely mesmerized.

"What are we gonna do tonight?" he asks you, taking your hand and ignoring the paparazzi as you walk through the city.

"Can we go see a concert?" you ask him. You can feel his hand intertwined in yours. It makes you blush a little bit.

"Of course, babe."


He puts an arm over your shoulder as the music in the stadium starts. You cuddle up to his warm form. You feel him smile. It's easy to tell when he does.

"I love you, Trin."

"I love you, Niall."

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