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7. For Louise - Dipper Pines Imagine

Gravity Falls definitely has that small-town-with-a-dark-secret feel. Just as you expected. You'd done quite a bit of research to prepare for this day. The day you arrive in Gravity Falls, Oregon.

As the bus comes to a stop and you haul your suitcase out to stare at the small cabin you rented, you wonder what possessed you to get a place in the middle of the woods with no human life visible for another two miles. The closest neighbors you'll have for the next two weeks are a conman and his niece and nephew.

You'd already decided against going to the Mystery Shack after reading up on how inaccurate it was, but truth be told, curiosity is getting the better of you.

Right after you lug your suitcases into the slightly rundown cabin, you blow your strawberry blond hair out of your brown eyes and start to walk. Sure it was a little while away, but wasn't the whole point of this vacation to get some fresh air?

However, you're immediately cut off by a young boy running. "What's the hurry?" You ask, mostly trying to waste time.

"Oh, um . . . I'm kind of running away from something." The boy replied, hugging his arms to his chest . . . maybe protectively guarding something? Sure enough, a red cover peeked out of his vest.

"What are you running from?"

"I think I lost them, so nothing. I'm Dipper."


Dipper stares at you for a moment.

"Could you show me the way to the Mystery Shack?" you finally ask.

"Sure. Follow me."

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