Johanna's Secret Love

Johanna Mason has a small yet big secret. She is in love with Katniss Everdeen. Only problem is is that Peeta is in love with Katniss too and as far as Johanna knows Katniss is with Peeta's baby. Will Katniss turn out to be Johanna's reason to live or will she keep it a secret?


2. The Elevator Ride

Johanna was walking to her penthouse so she could get out of her stupid costume from the Parade. She got in the elevator and noticed Katniss, Peeta, and their mentor Haymitch were in there. She awed at how beautiful Katniss looked and wanted to just take her right there. Sadly she knew that since Peeta and Haymitch were there it would have to wait. She started to make conversation with them while stripping down her ugly clothes. She noticed that Katniss was getting a little uncomfortable which wasn't the plan, but knew that in all due time Katniss might love her. Unfortunately Peeta's eyes were on her which made her feel sick to her stomach. She looked at Katniss who was glaring at Peeta for an unknown reason to her. After the elevator reached level 7 she winked at Katniss and said "lets do this again sometime." leaving Katniss to stare in shock at the encounter.

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