The English Teacher


2. Chapter 1

It was Saturday... THANK GOD! I was happy because I didn't have school today! I got out of bed and jumped in the shower. I got out and put my outfit on, did my make-up, and hair. I wore a purple tank top with a black peace sign and some dark blue jeans. I also had sandals on! I was planning on going out with Jamie today. I grabbed my phone and walked downstairs to the kitchen. The whole house was quiet which meant mom was gone, like normal. I fixed me a bowl of cereal and checked my phone. It was 10:30am. I texted Jamie.

To; Jamie

From; Naomi

'Hey! When are you coming?'

I finished my cereal as my phone vibrated signaling me I had a text message. I opened it knowing it was Jamie.

To; Naomi

From; Jamie

'Check your door ;) xx'

I laughed as I walked towards the front door. I opened the door and hugged Jamie. She was wearing a peach colored shirt that said 'peace' with grey jeans on and peach colored VANS. Oh, and let's not forget the grey beanie! "Ready to go?" I smiled and nodded. We got in her car and drove off. Since there wasn't much to do in this town, we went to the small mall. We shopped until it was 12:30pm. We then went to McDonald's for lunch. We got our food and sat down.

"So, how's life going?" I asked as I starting eating. "Pretty good! Yours?" she responded starting to eat as well. "Same!"

We ate and around 1pm, we headed back to my house. We walked in and I heard noise coming from the kitchen. I told Jamie to stay while I walked towards the kitchen. I slowly and quietly walked in the kitchen to see my mother on her phone talking. The question that went through my mind was 'why is my mom home?' She hung up and turned towards me with a stressed face.

"What's wrong mom?" I asked. "This job is what's wrong." She said sighing. "Why?" "Get your stuff packed, we are going to London, England." she said and left the kitchen, going to her bedroom.

I felt like dying right then and there. I walked out of the kitchen and into the livingroom, where Jamie was. "What's wrong? What's going on??" she asked worried.I heard my mom's bedroom door open and close. "M-My mom's j-job is m-making us m-move to London in the U-UK." I said trying not to cry. I saw her face sadden. "When are y'all leaving?" she asked. "In the morning." We stayed quiet for a good 5 minutes. Then her face lightened up. "What if I can come??" I thought for a minute.. "Let's go ask my mom then yours!" I said.

I started walking towards and up the stairs with Jamie following. Soon, I opened my mom's door. "Mommy?" I asked as she turned around, facing me. "Yes sweetie?" "Can Jamie come with us if her mom is okay?" I asked. My mom thought for a moment. "Why not? You'll need someone to hang out with." She said smiling at me. "Thank you so, so much mom!!" I said. I gave her a huge but quick hug and ran out. "Now if your mom is okay with you coming then you're coming!"

We hugged each other excitedly. We went into the livingroom and Jamie pulled out her phone. She dialed her mom's number and walked out. About 5 minutes later, Jamie came in with the biggest grin on her face. "Guess who's staying the night tonight and going to London tomorrow!" Jamie asked excitedly.

We screamed and hugged each other! We are so happy!! Jamie told me that she was going to go pack and she would be back in about an hour or two. I ran upstairs to pack my stuff. I checked the time and it was 3pm already! We were leaving at 6am and going to be flying around 7:30am! Around 5:30pm I put the last few things in my bag except the clothes I'm going to sleep in and tomorrow's outfit! I heard the front door open and close. I looked at my 4 bags and ran downstairs to help Jamie. I grabbed 2 of her bags and she got the rest. She had 4 bags also. We put all of our bags in the corner of my room near my door. I went ahead and put my outfit on. All I had on was sweatpants and a tank top. Jamie was already in her night clothes when she came back. We decided to stay in my room and talk also eating tons of junk that Jamie packed for tonight.

"I can't wait till tomorrow! Going to London with my best friend ever!!" I said putting chips in my mouth. "Me either! Just think of all the hot boys with accents!" she responded, eating some candy. "But we have to go to school Monday." I said, not sure to be happy or be sad. "Oh, awesome!! We can meet tons of fine boys our age!!" she said. I swear, all she thinks about is finding or meeting fine boys! We laughed and continued talking about random stuff for about 3 hours. "We should go to sleep early, since we have to wake up extremely early." I said, yawning. "Yeah. Night Naomi." She said, laying down on the extra bed in my room that was there for her. "Night Jamie" We both laid down and soon enough, we were asleep.

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