13 Again

"What hotel are you in?" I ask
"Best Western I think." Were in the same hotel.
"What room?"
"213" she say looking disappointed.
"How about you?"
"Best Western room 214"


1. New York

Hadley's POV:

I can't believe my parents finally let me go to New York for my birthday I mean seriously I'm 19! I'm so excited though, my boyfriend Jack is going on meet me at the airport to say good bye and then I'll be on my own. I guess my parents were just surprised that I would want to go, I mean it's a big city, and I would be on my own, but I'm really not that nervous. If the city was really that big and I needed help then I think there would be a couple people who could help me.

The Gift:

Today's the day! I'm going to New York baby! It's 7:00am and I got up and started putting my makeup on. I can't forget to put it in my bag for New York. I put on some yoga pants and a plain t-shirt for the plane ride because I want to be a comfortable as possible since it's going to be a long flight. I finished my hair when I hear a knock on my door.

"Come in" my mom and dad walk in holding a small box in their hands.

"We got you a little gift so you can remember us" my mom says.

"That's really sweet of you guys but I'm not leaving forever you know" I replied. I feel kind of bad I'm their only daughter but I mean they should be able to handle me being gone for a week.

"We know but we thought this could keep you company" my dad tells me. He hands me the small box and I carefully open it.

"Oh my goodness" I say covering my mouth with my hand.

"Do you like it?" My mother asks

"It's beautiful I love it!" Inside the box was a necklace that had a diamond heart that had Hadley written across it. On the back it had my parents' names.

"Thank you so much" I say wrapping my arms around my mom and dads neck. I look at the clock- 7:45

"It's 7:45 I really need to go but I really love you guys and the necklace is beautiful thank you" I say as I put my makeup bag in my suitcase and start heading downstairs. On my way out I grab a bagel from the kitchen counter and give my mom and dad one more hug and kiss goodbye and then I'm off.


I arrive at the airport and check my bags in. I get through security without any problems. My gate is 13 so I head that way. I wonder if Jack is here yet.I'm so excited to see him. I get to my gate and see Jack standing there with his hands in his pockets. I walk over to him and hug him as tight as I can, but he doesn't hug me back, so I pull away.

"What's going on" I ask, nervous. He's never not been excited to see me.

"Listen Hadley, we need to talk" he says. What's going on? He never calls me Hadley is always babe or Had

"Okay..." I say.

"Listen, these past 6 months have been amazing- they really have- but recently I haven't really been into like I was before..." He says. Is he breaking up with me? OMG this can't be happening

"So what are you saying?" I ask even though I know exactly what he is saying.

"I'm saying that this is it with us" he says and walks away before I can say anything. Wow I don't even know what to think or do. Did I do something wrong? All I can do is sit in the uncomfortable airport chairs and cry into the palms of my hands. My boyfriend just dumped me on my 19th birthday. I hate the number 13.

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