Titan's Kitten

I don't own any of the original Teen Titan characters. None of this actually happened in the series. This is completely FICTION!

This is the story of Enya and her realizing of her love for Beast Boy (Beastie) and their fights for their rights to love.


5. The Sister

      "She asked me to look for her sister. That's all she said. Other than 'The love of the sisters is pure. The joy of the earth is tainted. The love shall cure the Earth, till all that was tainted is pure.' She said that if the girl recognized it, to help set her free from this 'He' guy." Robin's eyes filled with suspicion, causing BeastBoy to jump in before he forbade it.

     "Look, you guys didn't see her face. She was for real. Her face spoke everything. She wasn't lying." Tears once again streaked his face as he spoke, "You didn't see how she felt as she died. She was happy."

      Star's soft voice spoke up next, "What do you mean, Friend BeastBoy? How could a person be happy as they die?"

       "She talked like the 'He' guy was...keeping her as a prisoner. Like she was nothing but a fight monkey. Like I was for the Doom Patrol. And 'He' is apparently going to send her sister to like like He did her. She gave her life to save her sister's. I don't think a person would just make that up."

      "I still don't know if I completely trust her." 

      Robin and BeastBoy continued to fight for two hours until BeastBoy jumped up and ended the fight with a pissed off, "IF YOU WON'T HELP THAT GIRL THEN I WILL. WITHOUT your help. I don't need YOU!" 

      He stormed from the tower and ignored Raven as she tried to follow him.


      He flew away as a large eagle, and flew straight into a...cat...girl...thing.

       She had long brown hair, cat-green eyes with slit-pupils, cat ears, and a tail. A animal-like growl came from her throat. She jumped at him, and her features sparked a memory.

      The woman. The woman who died as he watched. THIS was her sister.

      Her claws were at his throat and he barely managed to gasp out one sentence before she ripped his vocals out.

      "The love of the sisters is pure." She froze and a gasp escaped her lips.

      "The joy of the earth is tainted. The love shall cure the Earth, till all that was tainted is pure." He finished what the woman told him and she backed off his body slowly.

      Her ears flattened against her skull and a bright light enveloped her, making it impossible for BeastBoy to see her or a moment.

      When his sight came back her ears were gone, and so were her tail and claws.

      "How do you know that saying." Her voice was soft, wondering, but strong and full of authority. 

      "A woman. She told me to find you. She said a man was holding you and to find you and help you get free."

      "My sister?" Her eyes widened and she darted forward to grip his arm in excitement. 

      "I'm sorry." His tone rang through the air, filled with sadness, sympathy and regret. 

      Her face fell and shock rocked through her eyes. She collapsed forward, straight into BeastBoy's arms.



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