Titan's Kitten

I don't own any of the original Teen Titan characters. None of this actually happened in the series. This is completely FICTION!

This is the story of Enya and her realizing of her love for Beast Boy (Beastie) and their fights for their rights to love.


7. The Day She Had To Leave

       Beast Boy couldn't sleep. The week Robin had gave Enya had passed, and Beast Boy was worried he wouldn't let her stay.

       If he was being completely truthful with himself, he liked her quite a bit.

       She was funny, smart, beautiful, and to put the icing on the cake, she kicked ass at video games.

       And god be blessed, he loved when she let her tail show. Her ears were soft, and it was adorable how she loved when he scratched behind them.

       She always smelled good, too, and her eyes were the prettiest color he'd ever seen, save for the caramel and chocolate brown of her hair.

       He sat on the couch and waited for her to come out of her room. The two of them had been meeting like this each night, and she didn't disappoint.

       "Hey Beastie." The girl's term-of-endearment sent chills down Beast Boy's spine ,"How's it goin'" Her smile was bright and sweet as she slid into the seat next to him, pulling her hair out of it's pony-tail and releasing her cat-self. Her tail pulled from behind her and curled around her body.

       "Going pretty good, Enya. How 'bout you?"

       "Kinda sleepy, but I figured if Robin kicked me out tomorrow, I'd be sad if I didn't get to hang out with you at least one more time."

       She snuggled into his side as a thin string of fire brought the remote to her hand.

       The shock of he using the elements wore off about 3 days after she arrived. The cool thing was, though, that she only used her powers when it was only Beastie near her. As he thought about that, Enya laid her head on his shoulder and a low purr dragged through her chest. 

       Her soft ears brushed against his collar bone, and he blushed when a low growl was ripped from him. 

        She got up, and danced over to the kitchen, "Do you want something while I'm in here, Beastie?"

        He cleared his throat and called out, "No thanks, Kitten." 

        Her giggle could be heard from across the room when he used her pet name.

        He thought about her as she was in the kitchen, his mind going over every moment he spent with her. He flopped back on to the couch with a groan and a grumble.

        Not a warning came before he was pounced by his kitty-crush, her tail whipping back and forth in a playful manner. 

        "What's on your mind, Beastie?" An evil grin stretched over her face.

        "Just thinking of how much it would suck if Robin kicked you out." The statement was only half false, but that little lie rang out loud and clear, but thank the heavens she either ignored it, or didn't hear it. 

        She curled up on his chest, the purr returning as she felt it reverberate through him too. 

        He drifted off slowly, trying to saver every moment he had with the sweet Kaht on his chest.

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