Titan's Kitten

I don't own any of the original Teen Titan characters. None of this actually happened in the series. This is completely FICTION!

This is the story of Enya and her realizing of her love for Beast Boy (Beastie) and their fights for their rights to love.


1. Robin's POV.

              This is a story of pain and joy. Suffering and peace. Nothing of this tale is perfect, but instead wonderfully imperfect.

         Every word is filled with love and hatred.

         Every sentence rings with good and evil.

        And all of this started with one boy. A boy named Robin.


                                                         ~Robin's POV~

        His feet touched the ground of Jump City for the first time and a low chuckle escaped his tight lips.

        'I'm free, I'm finally free. I'm my own hero!'

       The last few years of his life had been spent in the shadow of Batman.

        Batman was the hero of Gotham, and Robin had been his sidekick, then known as Boy Wonder.

       He hated that name, and he swore to himself that no one could call him that the instant Batman said he could go out on his own.

       As he thought of his past and what would be his future, a very loud screech sounded to his immediate left, almost human, but not quite.

      Robin spun around to see a tall thin boy gaping at him.

     Any other time if he was seen by someone and they reacted like this Robin would have just smiled and kept walking, but the boy, he was, well GREEN! Although oddities were no rarity, and he had in fact fought with a green person before, the boy was REALLY odd.

      He had pointy ears, emerald green skin, and christmas tree green hair, and fangs glinted under his full lips.

      The most interesting thing about him, though, was his expression. He looked as if Robin were the best thing that ever happened to him, as if he were perfection its self.

      The boy's voice was childish, but deep and cheerful when he finally spoke to him.

       "You're Robin! Like THE Robin!" His smile widened even further, a feat the boy wonder didn't think was possible, and he smiled back as he answered.

       "Yeah, I am. And you are?"

      His face slapped into a mask of shock as Robin asked for his name.

      "B-B-Beast Boy."

       Robin's eyebrows hit his hairline as his mind processed Beast Boy's name.

       Beast Boy blushed slightly and held up a finger to tell Robin to wait one second.

      A mili-second later, where Beast Boy had been standing was a small green dog. Then a hawk, also green. Then a monkey, a snake, then lastly the green creature was human again.

      He looked as if he expected Robin to run away screaming, but all he wanted to do was ask him to do it again, to shift his for one more time. Curiosity propelled Robin to attack him with questions and prodding pokes, trying to see if he was merely an illusionist.

     He laughed as he shifted from animal to animal, each form grunting or cawing his amusement. Finally he took the form of a huge T-Rex, scaring Robin and many locals, and afterwards, as again a human, he fell to the ground. He held his sides as laughter boomed from his chest.

     They continued walking around Jump City talking, mostly about HIS past after he caught up on the fact that Robin preferred not to speak about his own.

     Just as the sun was beginning to fall from noon high an explosion sounded to their left.

      Robin's fighting instincts kicked in and he ran towards the sound, soon accompanied by a large green tiger.

      Robin felt oddly comfortable with his new companion and they were quickly at the place of the boom.

      Robin froze in shock, which doesn't happen often.

      A large man was fighting a trio of children. It was weird enough that the girl had pink hair and eyes, one boy had a spider-looking electronic doo-hickey on his back, and the last boy was the size of a mammoth , but the man fighting them...well...he was fart...robot. He looked as if half of him were...electronic. 

      It was obvious that the children were the bad guys of this little gathering, so Robin and Beast Boy set off to help the half-man defeat them.

     As they finished with the three Robin tied them up back to back.

      Beast boy changed back to human form and slowly approached the large man. 

          "Dude. You look AWESOME!" Cyborg turned to the boy and his still human eye widened.

       "You're one to talk, lil' dude. You're green."

      Beast Boy shrugged and smiled.

      "The name's Beast Boy."

     "Nice to meet yah, Beast Boy."





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