Titan's Kitten

I don't own any of the original Teen Titan characters. None of this actually happened in the series. This is completely FICTION!

This is the story of Enya and her realizing of her love for Beast Boy (Beastie) and their fights for their rights to love.


4. Beast Boy's POV. *Death of a Innocent*

                                       ~ENYA'S POV~

     This story started with one, in the middle there was five, and soon will be more.

      The Teen Titans fought together for two years. They are still the closest any friends can get, even after all this time.

      And you remember that odd woman. She had never resurfaced long enough for them to get their hands on her.

      They continued to search for her, but Raven had seen something in the woman's mind, the day she fought Star, that made Raven doubt whether or not the woman was truly evil, or if she was being controlled.

      Either way, they searched. The day they found her, the day they found my sister, will never be forgotten.


                                          ~BEASTBOY'S POV~

        The annoying beeping rang in BeastBoy's ears again. He hated that sound.

       He heard everyone rushing out of the house, and Raven poked her head into the door.

      His heard didn't skip a beat anymore, though. He'd had a crush on her since the day she came to join their little group.

      He tried to get with her once, but she put him down softly. Well as softly as one can be put down when the girl only speaks in monotones.

       "Time to go BeastBoy. The woman. She's out and about again. Robin thinks he can catch her this time. We have to hurry." She waited for BeastBoy to stand and run after her before flying out of the window.

       They arrived just as she was trying to run away, and BeastBoy shifted into a cheetah and chased her down. He pinned her to the ground and she smiled at him in relief, sending shock waves through him.

      "Thank you. Keep me here, if I die, He will send her out to go and fight you instead. He won't keep her hostage anymore. I just want her to be free. Please, set me die and when he sends her, just tell her 'The love of the sisters is pure. The joy of the earth is tainted. The love shall cure the Earth, till all that was tainted is pure.' Don't forget that."

      Her body twitched violently and a soft moan escaped her lips. A thin line of blood dripped down her chin.

      He shifted back to human and called out to his friends.

      "She's dead. That's why she always ran off." BeastBoy's voice got a little hysteric as he continued, "I couldn't help her. 'He' killed her. She didn't say who 'He' is." His voice was feather soft, and a single tear dropped from his cheek as he said four final words, "I couldn't help her."

      They were all silent as they walked home. No one was able to bring enough emotion forward to fly. A thick fog of sorrow was over the group.

      When they got home Beast Boy told them everything.

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