Titan's Kitten

I don't own any of the original Teen Titan characters. None of this actually happened in the series. This is completely FICTION!

This is the story of Enya and her realizing of her love for Beast Boy (Beastie) and their fights for their rights to love.


6. A New Addition

          She only said one thing before she was incomprehensible, "I escaped, but I was too late."

          He carried her home, pulled close to his chest so she would feel safe. Raven met him halfway, worried, but he refused to let go of the shaking, sobbing girl, and refused to shift from his human form. 

           As he walked into the door of the Tower he was ambushed by everyone of his friends, all to be hushed roughly, and shooed away from the trembling creature in his arms.

           He placed her softly on the dark black couch and smoothed out the hair on her forehead, murmuring soothing words to her softly. A strange protectiveness came over him as he looked down at her, and unless they wanted to lose a hand, no one else touched her.

           She slowly calmed down, and Beast Boy's sensitive ears picked up a beeping at her ankle when her sobs quieted. He gestured for Star to lift the girl's jeans. A small anklet was revealed, but it wasn't just an anklet.

          Cyborg jumped back from her and a small voice came from him, for the first time since Beast Boy had met him.

          "That's...that's a...it's...it'll kill her in a millisecond if whoever had the detonator just pushes a button. This is the same thing that was on The Woman." 

          Beast Boy was all business as he looked the man straight in his eyes.

         "Can you take it off of her, and how long will it take?"

          Robin interjected roughly.

          "Maybe we shouldn't. That woman said this...sister of hers...is more powerful than she was. This...sister...could be dangerous."

          Beast Boy's eyes darkened and even Raven looked shocked at his face.

          The green teen strode towards Robin, realizing for the first time that he now towered over him by half a foot and out-muscled him as well.

          "This 'sister' you're talking about is a GIRL. She's in TROUBLE and crying on our COUCH. You are NOT going to just sit here and let her die."  A deep growl escaped from his throat and Robin cowered slightly. Beast Boy leaned forward, but a hand landed on his shoulder. 

           "Yo, Beast Boy, I can take it off of her."

           Cyborg diverted his attention and Robin finally had enough mind to back away from the pissed off 'Shifter.

          It took him almost 8 minuted too take off the beeping device and she had woken up.

          "What happened to Layla?" The girl's voice still cracked slightly from her crying, but her eyes were fierce.

         "She died." Star told her and stepped forward to comfort the girl, gut all she did was nod and open her mouth for another question.

         "She did it so he would let me out." The sentence was more of a statement than a question, but Beast Boy still answered.

         "Your sister said that she did it so 'He' wouldn't hurt you anymore." A soft sigh sounded from the girl, and she stood, turning toward Robin.

         "You might want to find 'Him' by the way. And my captor's name is Zaylen. She is one of the most dangerous criminals on our planet. She's also my eldest sister. Layla didn't know who'd captured us. And now that I'm here, Zaylen's going to find you, all of you, and kill you." 

         The girl faced Beast Boy and smiled at him.

         "But I can't let that happen. See, cutie here saved my life, and I'm going to make good and damn sure ain't none of yah' hurt." She walked towards the door, looking back over her shoulder at the five bewildered teens behind her.

         "What? Do I have to find my room all by my lonesome?" She chuckled, seeming to have accepted that her sister saved her with the cost of her own life, and began to walk out, stopping in the door way "Oh and by the way, my name is Enya." She exited the room completely, and first thing after her figure disappeared Star piped up, floating excitedly over Robin.

         "May we keep the Enya, please, please, PLEASE?"

        "Yeah, dude. She seems to just want to help. Can we keep her?" Cyborg smiled at Robin only to see their leader scowling at the thought.

         "It might be a good idea. She told us to look out for this Zaylen person, and since they're sisters, Enya would know everything about her. And she has a good reason to fight her, too.", Raven's monotone came from the corner of the room in favor of Enya.

         "Her sister, Zaylen, kidnapped her own family and has been making them rob banks for two years. How do you know Enya isn't the same way?" Star lowered slowly to the floor, a huge frown on her face.

          "But...but...what if she is just a kind friend for us?" Star's sweet face was drawn down and a small tear began to form in her eye. Her tender heart had expanded to include the pretty girl, and was breaking at the thought of loosing an opportunity at a new friend.

          "Star...I just...huhh. Fine. We'll give her a week. If she proves that she's just like her sister, Zaylen, Enya has to go, but if she's okay, she can stay." he put his face in his hand and sighed loudly.

         "Yay!" Star twirled around and kissed Robin straight on the mouth , flying out of the room to find Enya and tell her new friend the good news. Robin stood where she left him, with a silly smile on his face and muttering about apple flavored lips.



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