Wait For Me

They were the star crossed lovers. They were teenagers, madly in love. Being judged by the world. Bet he kept her safe from everyone and everything that harmed her. He became famous and never came back, not even to see his Juliet. Never said goodbye. She searches for him, but he is still yet to be found. Her Romeo. His Juliet. They are bound to cross eachothers paths again, but when. It has to be soon, because his Juliet, is slowly slipping away from everything.


3. StarBucks

 Abbie's POV

I didn't want to leave. In fact when I was running away I just wanted to turn around and kiss him. Ya I know he hasn't seen me in like 4 years.. but I need him and that was my only chance. And I ruined it. I ruin everything.


Em's POV

Harry. C'mon. Text me. Harry! I threw my phone out of frustration. Just when I threw my phone I got a notification. I ran twards ny phone and checked who texted me. Damn it! It was my boss, I'm late. I work at Starbucks, I get free Frappes. I grabbed my apron and yelled for Abbie.

"Abbie I have to go to work. I will call you when I'm coming home!"

"O-oh o-ok bye" Abbie said.

I feel horrid. Poor Abbie, dumb Harry.

I walked out the door and grabbed my keys. I opened the car door and hopped in. I drove off. 

--------------- at work ----------

" What would you like?" I said without looking up. I have to write down the other person's name on the cup. 

"I want Abbie back." The voice said. I immediately looked up and saw Harry..

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