Wait For Me

They were the star crossed lovers. They were teenagers, madly in love. Being judged by the world. Bet he kept her safe from everyone and everything that harmed her. He became famous and never came back, not even to see his Juliet. Never said goodbye. She searches for him, but he is still yet to be found. Her Romeo. His Juliet. They are bound to cross eachothers paths again, but when. It has to be soon, because his Juliet, is slowly slipping away from everything.


2. Concert

  "Abbie, come on. " I heard Em yell. I really want to go, but I am just terrified that I will run into Harry. "Just one time, I mean how can it be bad? You still love him. He may love you.." she yelled. I took this under consideration, I mean he may. But then again I remembered.


​I turned on the tv, and to my surprise there was Harry, on the X-Factor. Oh ya. I tried to forget, but I watched anyway.

"This is the final round, we will see, who wins, the X-Factor.....and the winner is.........."

I turned it off. I couldn't stand to see his worried face, he just erg. I later resumed to check Twitter and One Direction didn't win. Well..... that showed them.



"Fine I'll go on one condition" I said.

"And what would that be?" Em asked

"You do me a solid tonite. If Harry sees me, hide me."

"Ohhh, ok I promise" She said 


Em's POV

What she didn't know was that my fingers we crossed behind my back. And what she also doesn't know is that I got us front row tickets. 

-------left for concert-------


Abbie's POV 

We arrived at the so called arena, and I looked around for their tour bus. I locked eyes with a giant red bus, with their faces plastered on it. So original. Me and Em, had to walk over to the line to hand in our tickets. We were really early so there was only like a 30 minute wait. While we were waiting a memory came..


"Come on Abbie! The line is this way!" Harry said as he was dragging me towards the concert line.

  In his own words, he said this concert was the best of the best. Sure, the environment of the area wasn't very clean, but at least I am with Harry. 

"Ok! Ok- I am coming"

"Abbie....don't look."

I turned over my head to see who it was and it was my abusive ex. 

Harry was raged. He ran over and punched my ex. Of course I didn't mind, until Harry got out of control. He started throwing punches from left and right. I ran over to Harry, and yelled

"HARRY!! HARRY! STOP!!" I prayed Harry off of my ex (Logan) and Harry stared at me, with these eyes. These eyes were dark.... all I know is I don't ever want to see those dark eyes again.


We were at the front of the line now. We handed in our tickets, and got this red dot on our hands.

We were allowed to go into the arena. We took our seats, and I noticed that we had FRONT ROW SEATS.


Harry's POV

"Ok guys were gonna play another prank on our early fans in the arena. Ok?" Liam said.

"WOOO! Who is the lucky lad that gets to prank em'? Louis said.

"Well.. I  went last time... Louis went when we were in Amsterdam.... Zayn is with Perrie...and Niall is eating and we don't want to separate those 2... So Harry!" Liam exclaimed.

"What! Oh ok! Ya sure. I just wanna see how many fans we have in the arena quick, like I want to walk around the arena and-" I tried to finish but they pushed me out before I could. 

I might as well check this out.

I started walking around and noticed about like 15 fans here. I would be at home. But I'm not them now am I?

In the front row there was 2 girls. I want to see who they are... cause I'm cool like that. I started walking twards the 2 girls till I was in front of them. The one girl's jaw dropped, and covered the others eyes.

" Ermm. Abbie.... it's umm.... Harry... he is uhh.... here." The one girl said

Abbie? I dated a girl named Abbie... I wonder-

"What do you mean" Abbie said. She removed the other girls hand from her eyes.

She looked at me. This is Abbie. This beautiful girl is the girl I left behind in Holmes Chapel for fame. Abbie started  to cry. 

"Em! I cant- can we go home!!" Abbie said. And at this point she was crying. 

"Don't cry!" I said

Abbie ran away. Em stayed behind.

"Look, here is my number. Please text me tonite, you need to meet up with Abbie some time. She has been broken since you left. Here" Em handed me her number.

"Why don't you give me Abbie's number?" I asked.

"Because she won't answer you.Text me when you can meet up with Abbie. Bye" Em left.

This was.... interesting. 



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