You Make Me Feel Safe Again

I never thought that things could be like this, so good, and so bad at the same time.
Harry is everything I need, just enough. He makes me feel safe, and fills in the spots of people who are never there for me.


8. Zach's Request


I stayed for about an hour longer with Amori, we talked; she comforted me, and we basically acted like we had our periods.
 Crying at nothing every 10 minutes, eating everything, talking about boys, watching The Notebook etc...

"Thanks for letting me stay, but I think I ought to go home and talk to Zach.. Ya know?" I said to Amori.
"I understand. And no problem, you're always welcome" she smiled a loving smile as I grabbed by bag, waved in her doorway, and hopped down the stairs. "Goodbye Mrs.Cooner!" I yelled. "Goodbye sweetheart! Visit again soon sometime, hm?" She announced back. "I'll be here tomorrow!" I laughed through the words and closed the front door behind me. 
The feeling of appreciation went away immediately as I walked down the road filled with tiny little snowflakes, all alone. 
I finally got to the front door of dad and Jean's house and saw Zach sitting; talking on the phone, through the window. I took a deep breath and walked in. "I'm home.." I stared at him. "He smiled and held his finger up, saying hold on. "Okay" I mouthed. 
He was talking to his girlfriend of a year and a half now, Maddison. They were fighting again, but I couldn't tell about what this time. It didn't really phase me much at all but I sat down next to Zach once the phone call ended.
I stared at the wall blankly and waited for him to start the conversation. "You're home" he stated openly, not even looking at me. "I'm sorry"I turned quickly and hugged him. "I love you. I didn't mean the things I said I was just mad. Zach you're the only one in the family that I really appreciate anymore.. I-I'm sorry" a tear ran down my cheek. I felt him smile against my shoulder as he hugged me back. "Leigh.. I love you too, I'm just looking out for you" 
After we hugged he looked at me and held my shoulders. 
"You are beautiful young lady, and since we met..
You've just blossomed into this amazing person and I feel so lucky to have been able to see this happen" he was giving one of those father speeches that you see in movies, but I had never received one before. He had paused looked away and back at me. "I'm not really thrilled about this guy thing.." He said, and took his hand off my shoulders. "..but you can go out with this Harry boy, he seems decent from what I witnessed through the window." 
I realized that Zach was desperately trying to be the dad figure that Jean took away from me when I was 8, and I really appreciated it. I jumped up and hugged him with a huge smile on my face.
"Thank you thank you thank you Zach!" "But" he interrupted when I pulled back. "I'd like to meet him tomorrow, if I could." My face went pale, I could feel it. I gave him a blank stare and had my mouth hanging open while I stuttered for words. He moved his head to the side and lifted his eyebrow. "Yea.. Uhrm.. Tomorrow" I said then smiled and burst out the door.

I didn't even text him I, just ran to Harry's house.
I knocked and knocked on the door, no one answered. "Harry!" I called out. A woman came to the door, tired looking. She had gorgeous dark hair and a black tank top on. "Oh, hello!" She smiled at me. Her smile was amazing. "I'm Anne" she reached her hand out and I shook it. "You must be Faye for Gemma, yea?" She asked. I stood there stunned, just admiring her smile and gorgeous eyes, with a slight smile on my face. She looked like Harry, a lot.
"Oh! Uhrm no I'm.." I looked for words and tried to remember what I was even answering. "I'm Leigh" I smiled up at the lady once more. "Oh my! You're even prettier in person" she said. I blushed and looked down at the ground saying "thank you" quietly. "I'll get Harry for you sweetie, come inside won't you?" I stepped inside the beautiful home. "This is a lovely place you've got here, Mrs.Anne" I looked around smiling, admiring everything. "Oh please!" She said, "call me Anne!" She looked me directly in the eye and I felt embarrassed, her beauty over mine. Harry came flying down the staircase. "Leigh!" He announced with a smile, and just as fast as he came down the stairs, grabbed onto my waist and kissed me. "Harry, your mother?" I whispered to him. "Oh yea; her" He said laughing; looking at Anne, his hands still on my hips. "Mum, this is Leigh, Leigh, this is my mum,
Anne" The way he said 'mum' was so cute. "We've been acquainted" she giggled out. "Okay then, love you mum, we'll be upstairs" Harry said. "Alright, don't have too much fun you kids!" "Mum!" Harry screamed back, embarrassed.  I laughed. "Oh, nice meeting you, Anne!" I got to her before the wall blocked my face while we were heading upstairs. "You too Leigh!" As we were going up the huge stair case I heard a girl's voice, faintly; then Anne's. "I like her, she seems innocent" 
I giggled to myself slightly.
Once we got up the stairs, in Harry's doorway I said "I need to tell you something" my eyes desperately looking up at him. I think my worries made him feel stronger and he smiled down at me. "Anything, love" "tomorrow... I need you to come over." My voice trailed off. "Of course babe! What time! It'll be lovely!" "No, no.. Not like that hun" I interrupted him. "To meet Zach" I said looking away from him. He grabbed my cheeks and made me look at him in the eye. "Even better" he smiled through the words. He then kissed me and we walked into his room, to the balcony outside. 

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