You Make Me Feel Safe Again

I never thought that things could be like this, so good, and so bad at the same time.
Harry is everything I need, just enough. He makes me feel safe, and fills in the spots of people who are never there for me.


7. The Lovely Lecture

I slowly walked up to my house and 
looked through the window to make sure Zach had walked away. Yes. Good; I thought to myself. As I tried to open the front door and sneak up the stairs my phone went off. Amori- 'I saw you outside with Harry.. What's happening that I missed?' Perfect timing eh?
I rolled my eyes as Zach caught me and made me sit down and listen to his lecture. 
"What was that?" He asked sternly. "What?" I said through my breath, rudely. "Don't be rude with me little girl." He tried to continue but I cut him off. "Little girl? Zachary you're two years older than me, and in the same love so shut up." I got up and tried to storm off but he grabbed hold of my wrist, spun me around and made me sit again. I stared at the wall over the stairs and held back my tears. "Leigha Anne Byner" he started. "Zachary Ayali." I went right back. He gave me a stern stare. "Listen to me. Just listen" he said, and waited for an answer. " I'm waiting" I said. "I don't want you around with that new boy." "Why?" I darted. "Because I know what type of boy he is, he's the kin-" "shut up! Just shut up! I'm not listening to your shit again! You're the reason I never wanted to be in this family anyway!" I ran out of the house and started crying. I had no where to go so I ran to Amori. 

Unlike me, forced into a family that I hate; when my dad married a bitch woman and her stupid kids; she has a family. A mom and dad who love her, and are always there when she needs them. Her brother, Willy, who always protects her in every way he can.. Then there's me. I'm the 'adopted child'. 
I grew up in Amori's house. Her mom and dad love me, and up until a few years ago Willy treated me better than Amori, amazing its even possible.
 I ate dinner all the time with them, and Amori's double bed was shared with me almost every night. 
Then my dad married Jean, and Zach made these stupid rules that I have to be home. Jean and dad are never home because of work, they're travelers so I used to be alone when dad went off on trips and I was okay with that. I liked the bit off freedom.  

-Finally someone answered the door. "Mom!" I yelled so happy. "I mean.. Mrs.Cooner" I smiled at her. "Just because it's been a while doesn't mean you can't still call me 'mom' " Mrs.Cooner was my mother. She did raise me. She just smiled at me. "Wow.. How you've grown" she stated. "Haha I'm still the same height though" she had a huge smile on her face the entire time, just looking me up and down, the way a proud mother would. "Oh! Sweetheart I'm sorry! Do come inside!" She finally exclaimed. "Thank you!" I giggled. "Can I just be with Amori for a little bit!" I asked quietly. "Sure you can hun" she looked up the stairs then back at me. "You know where to find her" she laughed at her small talk.  "Thanks mom" "no problem" she yelled after, as I ran up the stairs to Amori's room. 

I remembered the reason why I even came to her house. "Leigh" she smiled. In her doorway I just fell onto my knees and broke down. She came over an helped me to her bed. She turned off the TV and just held her arm around me and let me cry. 
10 minutes later I started breathing again. Amori looked at me with soft eyes. "You okay?" She asked, full of heart.
"Zachary." I mentioned, and a tear dripped down my cheek. She wiped it off, "he's just protecting you" she said. "Willy did the same thing to me when he saw Niall walking me home." She paused and rubbed my back, while I had my knees up against my chest and my head nuzzled in my knees. "It's okay" I looked up at her am saw her with a small smile.
I just stared at her and jumped up. 
"I love you" I said through my cries, as I grabbed her and hugged her as tight as I could under her arms. She held me back over my arms. And said "you're welcome" 

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