You Make Me Feel Safe Again

I never thought that things could be like this, so good, and so bad at the same time.
Harry is everything I need, just enough. He makes me feel safe, and fills in the spots of people who are never there for me.


2. Meeting You

As the bell rang Amori and I walked over to Ms.Brown at her desk; and I gave her a weak smile. "Leigh, Amori; you girls talk way too much in class. I've tried putting you right next to each other, across the room, across from each other, I don't want to change your class, because I know you girls are friends and all, but what so much could there be to talk about at only 15;16 years old? ..." She continued but I couldn't help my eyes wonder. I looked to the back of the room where the two new boys were sitting, ruffling their papers, breathing heavy, and trying to read their schedules at once. "..and I'm just not sure what to do any- Leigh..Leigh! Are you even listening to me right now?" She paused and stared me down. I looked back at the curly haired one, then at Ms.Brown. "What's his name.." I asked unwillingly, my voice trailing off. "Excuse me?" Ms.Brown answered sternly and awkwardly. "..the curly haired one.." I answered quietly and slowly. "Leigh Anne Byner" she started at me. She knows my family from my cousin Jay, and brother Zach. Zach was in trouble.. A lot so there were always teachers at the house. She knew me; too well. I wasn't paying any attention at all. I looked at Amori and saw her get red ten nudge her eyes over at the teacher. "Ms.Brown" I smiled like nothing was happening. She rolled her eyes and looked at the clock. "Amori, just try to stop talking, okay" "Yes ma'am" she answered back. As if she were a fucking princess. "That bugs me you know" I whispered to her. "Leigh not now" She was told to sit down and just wait. Ms.Brown went on for me, then told me that I had teacher detention because 'my mind wondered off too daily' and I need to 'get some open time to get myself together' 
"Yes..yes Ms.Brown." I looked at the clock, only 3 minutes to get to class left. The boys struggled up, finally, and got passes from Ms.Brown, she finally let Amori and I leave too. We walked out of the door; Amori and I were behind to two boys. We ended up going to the same way, too. "Uhrm.. Hi I'm Leigh" I said to who I now know as Harry. He gave me a nervous look, as if he'd never spoken to a girl before, yet the look had the 'woah.. She's stunning' to it too. "Oh..uh I'm Harry" he smiled back again. "Nice to meet you Harry" I said. "So where are you from?" I asked. "You have a small accent" He immediately lightened up and smiled at me, as if we'd been friends forever. "I'm from Holmes Chapel, England. I moved here last year, I changed districts this year because.. Uh" He became shy once more. "..I had no friends." His voice trailed off. "Oh well don't worry babe!" I assured to Harry. I had forgotten about Amori, and noticed her flirting with 'Niall' from Ireland or something. Lovely. "You sure?" He asked sincerely. It brought me back from my thoughts of why am I even friends with Amori. "I'm positive. I mean a boy like you, curly hair, gorgeous eyes cute smile.. I've noticed." I smiled at the remark, and continued being a Washingtonville girl that I was raised as and continued starting to flirt with him in compliments. "..there'd be no problem with you making friends here in Washy. Let alone a girlfriend! Dear Lord!" He looked and said nothing but "thanks"Then I had realized this whole time we were walking to the same class. Spanish. "You have Spanish now?" I asked. "Uhrm yea" He said pretty sure of himself now. "Rashphird?" "I'm sure" he smiled with the positive attitude. "Well, uh see ya after class again, I guess. And really, don't worry; if you stay with me you won't have to worry about the people. Here; I'm the top"


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