You Make Me Feel Safe Again

I never thought that things could be like this, so good, and so bad at the same time.
Harry is everything I need, just enough. He makes me feel safe, and fills in the spots of people who are never there for me.


9. Feeling Sorry

"Harry.." I murmured, looking through the snow flakes falling, ever do calmly. "Yes, beautiful" he grabbed my hand and looked at me smiling. "Is there anything wrong.." I asked. "What do you mean, anything wrong? With what?" He asked back, kind of worried looking. "I don't now.. It was stupid to have asked that." I stated embarrassed. I looked away from him and felt my face flush if color. "Baby, you can tell me anything, ask me anything, it won't matter to me." He said, so meaningfully. "Is there something wrong with me?" I looked at him straight in the eye and had tears running down my face. He held me and walked me over to his bed, sat me down then cuddled me and let me cry into his shoulder.  I looked up at him again and said "is there something wrong with me.." "Sweetheart, you're perfect to me. Isn't that what matters most?" He asked smiling a small cute smile. "No! Well yes.. But that's not what I meant" he looked at me and his smile died, "what do you mean then?" He asked. I couldn't help but tears fill my eyes and run down my cheek. "Why me.." I looked down at our legs intertwined. "Why did my brother go.. Why did he leave with mom.. then to never be found again. Why does Jean hate me so, do much?" I said through the tears "how come my 'parents' are never home? Why is it that only to me.. There is only two things that are right in my life?" He sat there quietly and let me feel bad for myself, rubbing my back and giving me kisses on the fore head. "I love you" he said. "You.." I looked at him and smiled. At that moment I realized I had just been feeling bad for myself the whole time. I laughed at myself with tears still running, "you!" I laughed again. "You are the only thing right!" I laughed out. He smiled at me an laughed at me too. I stopped laughing randomly and got close to his face, my nose touching his; "you" I bit my lip. "I'm sorry.. I can't anymore" 
His face went from meaningful, to dirty in the snap of a finger. He rolled us over so quickly and pinned my arms above my head with his one hand, the other holding his weight above me. "You're mine" he looked at me and stared at my lips. Next thing I knew his lips were up on mine, I felt a feeling I had never felt before... Love.
He rolled over and put me over him, laying completely on his chest, my face over his. He smile at me then pushed his face up and stole a kiss. "Not fair!" I giggled out. "Is so!" He said back with his cute accent. As my response I held his curls, and kissed him the way he had kissed me before. "Ooh looky at my little good girl over here! Not being so good anymore" he said jokingly with a wink; as he smacked his hands onto my skinny jeans, and slid his fingers into my back pockets. 
I moved my face back and stared at him with my mouth hanging open at his action. He smiled dirty; "this is property of me. I can" he laughed at the end of his comment. 
"Said who?" I said back, being a smart ass. "Said me" he stated, as he grabbed my hips and stood up in one motion. He set me down and smiled at me. "Leigh, you are truly beautiful.. In and out" he kissed me once more, passionately, and then guess what! 
Leave it to my best friend to ruin the moment. "Haha hold on" I broke the kiss and reached in my pocket for my phone, still looking at him. 
'It's not there' I thought to myself. 'Oh.. The table' 
I reached over and picked up my white iPhone, with the pink blank case that had mine, Amori's, Jay, Marie, and Ally; my cousins'; signatures on it. 
A text.

 fwd;FWD:Marie, Allyxandra, Jay
-meet me at the Galleria.. Now!

Be there in a few! 

See u girls

Okey dokey then

I answered too.

Be there in like 10?
-Leigh Anne


-Leigh Anne

"Uhm Harry, I have to go. See you tomorrow at 6, for dinner. Yeah?" 
"Yeah, sounds great beautiful." He smiled and led me downstairs, and out the door. 

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