You Make Me Feel Safe Again

I never thought that things could be like this, so good, and so bad at the same time.
Harry is everything I need, just enough. He makes me feel safe, and fills in the spots of people who are never there for me.


14. Don't Leave Me

The next day I woke up and Harry was gone.

No where to be found. I searched the entire house.

"He probably went back home" I whispered to myself.

Zach never returned yesterday either.

"Okay...weird.." I thought as I saw my fridge had been left open.


metal hit metal somewhere in my house.

My heart started beating really fast and I didn't know what to do. I turned my head and grabbed one of my dad's knives from his most prized set.

"Anyone here?" I yelled.

I heard whispering but nothing I could make out.

"Hello?!" I yelled, taking a gulp down my throat as I walked into the massive hallway upstairs.

"NO WHA-" it was Harry. But his words got cut off by a loud shush.

I heard his mumbling and I took a huge breath and walked towards the room it came from.



I didn't want to die but I couldn't leave what keeps me alive to die either.

I walked into the doorway and Harry's eyes perked up. The huge black figure turned around and laughed under the face mask as he moved the gun away from pointing at Harry and pushed it in his gun holder as if there was no threats from anywhere.

He chuckled as he saw me.

"Who are you and why are you in my home." I said sternly, trying not to show I was mortified.

"Well isn't Leigh" he said.

"How do you know me" I kept the same tone in my voice.

"Oh sweetheart, you won't ever know"

As he spoke he grabbed my hand so familiarly feeling, and I dropped the knife as he backed me up against the wall and pushed his gun aside.

"You won't need to know either"

I saw his eyes and he winked evilly.

I was breathing so heavily.

I knew him.


In one snap of a finger he disappeared.

Pushed right by my shoulder and down stairs.

*CRASH* Jean's plates fell off the wall as he slammed the front door.

I fell to my knees knees not knowing what else I could do. I leant over myself, in child's position, with my arms pushed straight out towards Harry.

He came next to me almost immediately and held my back up and held me so tight I felt safe again.

He kissed my forehead and I couldn't move. He carried me over to the couch and we sat there for a very long time not speaking.

He was fine, and stroked my hair ever so lightly to make me feel love. It seemed to be what was keeping him calm too.

I didn't look at him but the whole time I sat there with my knees up staring at the off television so long my eyes would go cross to remind me I have to blink.

"Call the police" I asked with no tone at all, still not looking at him.

"Baby.. We have no proof and-" without yelled I just said

"the broken dishes"

"They could've fallen while we were messing around"

My eyes crossed and I blinked.

"He could get charged with breaking and entering"

"Leigh, we don't know who he is, to charge him, also he didn't hurt us-"

"Physically" I interrupted, still in my daze for over an hour.

"It's okay.." He kissed my head and pulled me closer to him as if it was possible and held me stroking my hair, which helped me calm a little too.


I was half asleep and starting to feel a little better when I noticed Harry was gone again. With what just happened he hadn't learned not to leave me yet. I didn't get up.

"HARRY!" I screamed.

My tone was back.

"Making you food, sweetheart" he screamed back ever so nicely, from downstairs.

'Its safe' I thought to myself as I stood up, slowly, and walked over to my room to get my phone.

10 minutes after someone texted me, but I didn't recognize the number so I deleted it.

My cat tripped over a blanket on the floor and squeaked, causing my still uneasy self to turn and topple over while flinging whatever was in my hand at the noise. My cat moved like nothing had happened and walked away as my new iPhone 5 crashed against the wood door.

"Fuck meee" I complained outloud.

"Say something, Leigh" Harry screamed from downstairs, through the hallway and to my room.

"No, I'm fine!"

He mumbled "alright" downstairs.

I went upstairs to get my debit card that my dad tries hiding from me ever so often, even though it's the money in the bank that I, myself, make working at Target on the weekends, but they were closed for Martin Luther King day this Sunday.

(Now you're probably thinking 'you're already upstairs'

There's three floors in my house.

1st floor- kitchen, main entrance.

2nd floor- my room, my living area, my mini kitchen I started to make which consists of a microwave oven, a small fridge and an empty space for a stove, also my bathroom. The up stairs is mine.

And the 3rd floor- my dad's room, whatever he has up there, + the amazing shower that plays your music off your phone.

Mine's the same.. But doesn't play music.)

I walked back down the flights of stairs after fixing my hair, sort of, and ate with Harry. Then I went up stairs, got my skinny jeans on and tucked Harry's over sized t-shirt in my jeans then left the house with a kiss from Harry, as he threaded behind me. To his car.

"Want a ride?"

"No I'm good, thanks"

I went to Amori's and helped out with the caring of her 4 cats and 12 kittens, then her siblings came over. We kind of just hung out in her small room the majority of the time they were there though.

After we grabbed our jackets and went to get frozen yogurt.

In the winter, yes. Then we went for a walk and fed geese around Goose Pond.

My Monday wasn't that interesting, but I felt that I should share.

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