You Make Me Feel Safe Again

I never thought that things could be like this, so good, and so bad at the same time.
Harry is everything I need, just enough. He makes me feel safe, and fills in the spots of people who are never there for me.


4. Broken

In just a month Harry had meant to me more than anyone I ever thought could, sort of a crush, really. But we had swapped numbers just a few days earlier.

"Just forget her" I said on the phone. "Who?" He said laughing. 
"Perfect" I answered. *marimba* "Hold on Harry, uhm Amori is calling me."
"Alright hurry back"

"Amori, I'm kinda busy right now, can I call you back?" 
"No. I need to tell you like right now"
I took my phone from my ear and looked at the time.
"When I say go you have 2 minutes. Go"
"Okay! Uhm. Uhm. Why did I call you?? Uhmm... OMG.. WHAT AM I DOING? Wait wait I know"
"Tick tock"I said.
"Don't be a bitch"
"1 minute"
"What's so important you can't talk to me"
"Nothing.. It's just.." I got a text from Harry. 'You okay love? X' 
"keep talking Amori, lets go"
I put her on speaker and answered Harry. 'Ye x Amori just wanted me for a minute' I sent it and started actually listening to her when I heard "and Niall". "Wait you were talking about Niall?" I interrupted. "I was saying blah blah blah ever since you put me on speaker, you're my best friend, I know how you work now." "Oh..true. Now tell me everything about Niall"
She started blabbing then actually told me.
"...and yesterday when we were hanging out at Dunkin' Donuts, outside the school ya know?"
"Yea. We used to go all the time" I said.
"Well, Leigh I was just making sure" 
"Okay! Continue!" I said laughing.
"He's actually not shy.. Or dumb." 
"Who said I thought?" I laughed again.
"True, true." She said.
"But he oh my fucking God I can't even!" 
"Tell me will you?! You got me excited!" 
"He kissed me" She whispered.
"Omg really?!?" I said.
"Yes really!!" Amori screamed and I could tell she was jumping up and down on her bed. In the background of her screams I heard her door slam open and Willy yelled "Amori Paige Cooner! Shut the fuck up!"
I just laughed along with her screaming and even harder once Willy yelled at her. 
We continued conversations and I totally forgot about Harry. *buzz buzz*
"What was that?" Amori asked.
"I don't know" I checked my phone. 15 messages, 2 missed calls...
"Shit..." I exclaimed. 
"What?" She was serious now. 
"Amori I really have to go, now" 
It was 2 hours since she called. And an hour past when I was supposed to meet Harry at the skate park.
"Leigh.. If something's wrong I -" 
I cut her off. "No that's okay bye" I hung up. I didn't do anything. Still in my pajamas, hair tied, no makeup. 
I flew up and grabbed my bag and a brush. I threw my bag over my shoulder and brushed half my hair out. I slammed the door and ran to the skate park.. 12 miles away. I was home alone, as usual, so no one needed to know where I was going, or why. 
I was freezing and only had my tank top, fluffy pants, uggs, and a throw on as a jacket. 
I saw Harry sitting on one highest ramps, the only person here. He had headphones on blasting sad music. I threw my bag to the floor and ran to him and got up to the top of the ramp with him. I plopped right down next to him so fast and kinda frightened him. I was shivering. He didn't even look at me. "You're late..." He said turning his sad music off. 'Half a heart' was on, one of my favorite songs. "I'm sorry.." I trailed off and looked out at the woods as the snow started falling. "Yea" he said and hopped off the ramp, from the top straight to the bottom. "Wait" I tried. "I already have!" He yelled back, angry and hurt at the same time, already at the street and walking to his home. 
I sat on the ramp  and started cry. 
Since last  Friday, Harry became closer to me than I ever thought he would; and we were finally together, just us. 
And I ruined it.

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