We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


16. you're still alive?

"Hide me." I say and I stand behind them. And Niall says "Well a hello to you too." Liam says. The elevator dings "Shhh!" I whisper yell "Where is she?!" Harry says awfully loud. "I don't know Louis do you know where this she is?" Liam says. "Depends who is this she?" Louis asks. "The she is Alex." Harry answers. "Oh then she's behind us." Louis says. Thanks Louis. I slowly get up and I playfully slap Louis. "What was that for?" I ask Louis. "For me. I wanted to rat you out." He says smirking. "I should slap you across the face." I say and that wipes the smirk of his face. Then Harry grabs me and pulls me over his shoulder. "Why are the boys here?" I ask Harry still on his shoulder. "To film the music video." He says. And the elevator opens and we all get in. With me still on Harry's shoulder. "Harry can you put me down?" I ask. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha. No." He says. Well that's nice. We get to what I guess is our floor. Harry pulls out his room key and we go into our room. Before Harry closes the door I hear Louis say "Don't have to much fun in there you two." Perverted much? Harry lets me slide down so I'm facing him but he's still carrying me. I tried to get down but he's so damn strong. He pushes me against the wall. And says. "I do believe that I have something that I would like to finish." "Really what's that?" I ask just to piss him off. "This." He says and he starts to kiss me. Passionately. We stay that way for awhile. Until Harry pulls away and says "God. I can't wait till we're married." I crack up. "Well your gonna wait awhile. Black or red?" I ask holding up the dresses. "Black." He says and I go into the bathroom and change I come out and Harry comes out in a suit and bow tie. I go back in to the bathroom to curl my hair. When I finish Harry and I walk out and Harry knocks on two doors and two boys come our of each one. I guess their coming with us. We go to the restaurant. It's some place that I've never been to. We get a booth. It's one of those semi circle booths. We sit and we order our drinks I get a Mountain Dew. Louis tried to get one too but Liam said "It's bad enough that this crazy person." He points to me. "Is getting one we don't need you to get one too. So he will have a water." And Louis crossed his arms and tried to act like a little kid but it didn't work because he was in a suit. The lady brings our drinks and asks us what we would like to eat. I order mashed potatoes with stake medium rare. And a salad. When I ask "What are we seeing?" "A horror movie." Niall says. "Oh good." I say. "What are you scared?" Zayn says teasing me. "No…. Yes." I say. "Ha ha!" Louis says really loud. "Come on she can't be as tuff as us men." Liam  says. That gets everyone to laugh. "Come on you cried at marly and me." Harry says. "Hey. That is an emotional movie." Liam said trying to stick up for himself and it's not working. "Nice try." Zayn says. "FOOD!" Niall yells. "Calm down Niall." I say as the lady puts my salad in front of me. "It's just my salad." Then Niall makes a pouting face. "Aww. That's so cute." Harry says. I laugh. And eat my salad. I get like four bites before Niall steals it. "Niall!" I almost Yelled. "It's mine." Niall says with his mouth stuffed with my salad. "It's hers. Give it back." Harry says. And Niall gives a pouty face and pushes the plate back to me. "Thank you Niall." I say. And he just pouts. I eat what's left of my salad and the rest of our food comes. "Can I at least have the potatoes?" Niall asks politely. "Dude. I like potatoes too." I say cutting my stake. "So I'm taking that as a no." Niall says. "Yep." I says eating my stake. We talk as we eat. When we finished and went back to the limo and went to the theaters. When we got there I couldn't see. But that's usual when you're on the red carpet. We get out and we all pose and Harry and are questioned about our engagement. *after the movie in the limo* "So are you guys shooting tomorrow?" I ask. "No we are going to the park with you." Zayn says. "And Thursday and Friday we are shooting. You can do what ever you want. I don't really care." Louis says. He's sassy right now. I don't know why. "Ok." I say. And we get to hotel. We go up in the elevator. The boys go in there rooms. I have my own room key but I need to check on my dad. "You go in. I want to ask my dad how his day was." I say. Harry nods and I go knock on my dads room door. "Sup." I say as I walk into his room. "Nothin. How was the movie?" He asks as I sit on his bed. "Good. Can I ask you a question?" I say. "Anything honey." My dad replies. "Are you ok with Harry and I getting married. Now answer truthfully." I say. "Sorta." He says. "Look when I got back from the photo shoot I over heard you and Harry talking about a question was that the question?" I ask. "Yeah why?" He asks "Because it sounded like you were trying to talk him out of it." I tell him. "Well you see I would like it if you gave John a chance." He says. And that's what I thought. "I did dad. When we were in seventh grade and what did he say? He said that he didn't like me that way. He screwed up. Not me. I just can't crawl back to him dad. He's the one that said that he didn't like me. He was the one. Dad. Then he try's to get me back? I can't believe him. I tried dad I tried. To be his friend. But he just keeps on pushing me. But of course you want me to give him a chance. He reminds you of Peter. Take a hint he's dead dad. So move on." I say about to walk out the door. When I hear the toilet flush and a kid that looks like John walks out. But I know that's not him. "Alex?" The boy says. "Peter?" I look at him. "Yeah." The boy says. "You're still alive?" I say.
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