We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


18. what makes you beautiful

"Here are the VIP passes." I say. "How much you wanna bet that there will be a shower of carrots today?" Louis says. "Nothing because there will. I got showered with bananas." Harry says and I laugh. That was the day that we went there. There were bananas everywhere. No joke. "Alright what about one of our songs?" Niall says. "Umm most likely. They will. I say five bucks for it will play first hour we are there." Harry says. "I highly doubt that. I bet five on the fourth hour. Word that we are there needs time to get out. Keep that in mind." Louis says. "The Lou has a point. I bet you that you know that luminosity thing they got going on. I bet twenty bucks that they will ask you guys to come up and sing what makes you beautiful. When we walk threw." I say. I mean. I know that it will happen. After all I know the people. When I was getting my hair straightened ben came in and said "Did you know that I am the manager of entertainment here?" Yep. That's right my best friend works here.  I pull out my phone and text ben what's going down. "I bet you all twenty bucks that our song will play when we leave." Zayn says as we walk into the park. "Deal." We all say and we shake on it. We don't get mobbed. And its noon. We all woke up late. So it's shocking that we didn't get mobbed. My phone rings. It's Ben "Hey boys I need to take this." I say answering my phone. "Hey Ben." "Hey so this is what I think. When the park closes you should be in the back of the park. So that way you can walk through luminosity. Sound good?" He asks. "Yeah. Remember what makes you beautiful. By Ben." I say and hang up. "Raptor?" I ask. We all run up with pushing each other. When we get to the exit we were poking each other and I look up and clear my throat and the boys look up. Everyone was staring at us. Then Louis says. "What you lookin at? Haven't you see people violently poke each other. And a leprechaun like Niall?" With that we all start to laugh. The workers the people in the station and us. *end of the day. Ten o'clock at night" "Annnnnd the parks closed." I say as we walk off of maverick. We are near the back of the park and luminosity already started. We are walking when Niall says "They haven't played anything of ours yet. Either they play it when we walk out or at the luminosity thing." I smirk and we walk. We reach the stage area and we make our way threw an the Dj says "I do believe we have one direction in the house! And our newly engaged couple." I laugh. The camera goes on us and we wave. "Well would you like to sing us a song?" He asks. And Zayn yells "Yeah we do!" The boys go up and Harry pulls me up too. The crowd aww's. the boys get mic's and Harry has me sitting at the edge of the stage. Then the Dj starts the music for what makes you beautiful. I smile and Harry pulls me up and has me dancing with the boys sing. He pulls me close for his solo and Louis pulls us apart. I love this song. I really do. At the end the boys give the mic's back and Liam picks me up and puts me on his shoulders and we all walk out of the park that way. "I do believe that some people need to pay up." I say as we get in the elevator. Two fives and a twenty. "Thank you." I say as we get off and Harry and I go into our room. "I know that you set that up." He says pushing me against a wall one hand above me but low enough for me not to go anywhere and the other is just blocking me. "Please. You know I know people. Of course I set it up." I say. "Yeah. I know. But you are a cheater." He says. "What you gonna do about it hmm?" I ask. "Nothing." He says and the goes in the shower. I change into my standard sweat pants and tee shirt and throw myself on the bed. And text Liam. I'm really board. I hear the water stop and I say bye to Liam and play angry birds. Harry comes out and says. "Bed. Now." Like a parent. "But. Why?" I ask. "For cheating." He says and I laugh and put down my phone and turn off the lights and Harry puts his arms around me. And we fall asleep cuddling. *in the morning.* Harry's P.O.V. Some how one of the boys a key to our room. I wake up to the the boys sing the wake up song. I'm pretty sure Alex got up when Louis started to jump on the bed. "It's time to get up!" I say at the end like it did that day in the bungalow. Alex just groaned. Really loud. Then Zayn hits her with a pillow and she shoots up. "What was that for?" She yelled "No reason. No get yo butt up." Zayn says And we both get out of bed. Lazily. "Come back in turdy. We need to go to the set." Niall says. Alex looks at her phone. "Five a.m. Really? You know I could have stayed here right?" She says. "Hey if I have to get up at five so do you." I say with a smirk as Alex goes into the bathroom. I change into a dark blue shirt and a pair of blue jeans and my brown boots. That's right. Alex comes out of the bathroom in a sleepy haze. She is wearing a pair of white ripped skinny jeans with a purple top and a pair black converse. "Oh the boots." She says. I wear them to annoy her. "I'm thinking of wearing them at our wedding." I say. "Please no." She says. "I will and you will love it." I whisper in her ear as I answer the door. Louis was pounding on the door. "What?" I say. "Time to go." Zayn says. I run and pull Alex on the wrist and she laughs. *end of the week on the plane (sorry about the jumping)* We were on the plane and Louis decided to say random things. "Apple tree." He says. He would yell but we aren't on a private plane. Also Alex's dads on with us. And he would yell at us. Then I looked over at the sleeping Alex. I decided to snoop on her phone. Besides I know her passcode. 4835 I put it in. For one she is listening to what makes you beautiful. I show Lou and he starts to laugh. Then I go threw her contacts. God I'm such a snooper. I know everyone in them. Well not Haley. I send the number to Niall saying for him to call it and don't reply. I look over and he nods and I delete the message and put her phone back in her lap. She wakes up about ten minutes later and I'm pretending to watch the inflight movie. "Hey." She says with a smile. "Yo." I say. "What time is it." She asks. When over the speakers we hear "We will be landing in five minutes." "You slept for awhile." I say. "Can you blame me. You had me up at like five in the morning two days in arrow." She says sitting up. "You did it when you and John were on tour." I say. "That's different." She says. I just laugh. Five short minutes later we landed and we were all getting off the plane. We get in the cars and drive to our houses.  
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