We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


11. well duh

I scream. It was Cedar Point. 'The one and only.' As their jingle used to be. I run up to my dad. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!" I say hugging him. He laughs. "I thought of it. Harry paid for it all." He says. "Harry. You're a-maz-ing." I say. "No problem. Now. What do you want to eat for dinner." Harry says. "Five guys." I answer. "Wow. You never change." My dad says. I have always loved five guys. "Lets go." Harry says grabbing the keys. I practically run to the car laughing. We go to five guys. I get the bacon cheeseburger and Harry looks at me strange. "What. I love five guys." I say. We sit down and eat our food. I'm halfway though my burger when I ask "Dad you said that you would be visiting a friend. Who is it?" "Bill, Ron, Rick and Lou."he said. (Bill an Ron are family. Rick is a friend and Lou is my dads old boss.) "Will you be there for the show?" I ask. "I wouldn't miss it for the world sweetie." He says then winks at Harry and he laughs. I go back to my burger. We end up talking about cheese. Did I mention that my dad and I are a lot like Louis. We leave. It's only eight. "Guess what time it is." I say. "I don't know what time." Harry says. "Cedar Point time!!" I say. "Really. I thought it was cheese time." Harry says. "Well duh." My dad says. "Ignore him. Lets hit a few rides. Maverick? Top Thrill Dragster? Raptor? Mantis?" I ask. "I don't know you can pick." Harry says. "You don't know what you got yourself into kid." My dad mumbles in the backseat. I laugh. We pull into the parking lot. I grab Harry's hand and my dad gives us some tickets. There the VIP passes. "Yes!" I scream. Shoot did I say that out loud. Oops. We run to raptor. We get on front seat and Harry was screaming the whole time. "Wow." Harry says. "Well duh." I say laughing. *the next morning* I wake up to the sounds of rides being tested. Ahhh. I get dressed in red pants and a brown knit sweater that's not exactly warm. But good enough for October by Lake Erie. I grew up by Lake Erie I should know. It takes me a minute to realize that Harry's not in the bed. I shrug. And brush my hair and walk out with my phone and room key in my pockets. I was about to knock on my dads door because I know that's where Harry would be. When I over hear my dad talking "Look I just not sure about this Harry. You know you will get mobbed. Every day. And there is no security for you to day. Alex might run into some friends and then at night there will be a lot of people there to her preform. I'm not sure. What if she says no. You will be on tour soon. She has a job to do. I don't see the time to-" I knock on the door cutting of the conversation. "Hey babe ready to go?" Harry asks. "Well duh." I say.
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