We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


25. wedding

*day of the wedding* (obviously) I wake up to Leanne (one of my cousins) hitting me with a pillow yelling "Get your butt up! Or you won't see Harry today!" I grown and get a pillow in my hand and I hit her and smirk. The boys and my friends had Harry and I stay in separate hotel rooms. And not just rooms hotels. They whole you-can't-see-each-other-the-day-of-your-wedding a little to serious. I get up and out and I go down stairs to get food but Braden stops me and hands me some food and brings me back into my room so they can do my hair as I eat. I sigh and go back to the room. I sit in the bathroom on a chair and eat as they do my hair. When I finish Braden keeps doing my hair and Leanne does my makeup (already brushed teeth). When I'm done lets just say it took a while. I look in the mirror and see that my hair is up  with two pieces of hair on the sides the makeup makes me look perfect. Not a blemish in sight. The lips are a bold red though. And my eyes have a light orange on them. But you can't really see it because if all the mascara and eyeliner. But it looks good. My something old is a necklace that my mom wore at her wedding. And my something blue is my tiara with light  blue gems. The tiara is in place and I get into my dress and I put on sneakers because in will put on the other shoes later. Harry is already at the church and is in the little room where he gets ready. I'm in the limo right now. We pull up to the church thank God nobody's there. Yet. We run in and I have a barricade made of bridesmaids so I can't see Harry. We make it to my room and I sit in the chair as they touch up my make up. I put on the white stilettos. And we all talk for a bit and we go line up. I catch a glimpse of Harry but not enough to know what he looks like. I go to the side I have to wait on. I am so nervous right now. I have to take deep breaths. In and out in and out. The music starts to play and the friends slowly make their way with the wedding planer telling us when to go. When I can see my dad and we are the only two left the music picks up and I can here people stand. I walk to him and I feel all eyes on me. I have a huge smile on my face and my dad whispers "Ready?" I nod and the lady tells us to go. We slowly walk down the isle. Their are paparazzi in here but we don't mind. This is the part they can come to. The camera flashes are everywhere in the huge church. We let some fans in but we had people searching for weapons in the entrance to the church. The front of the church is occupied with family and friends though. I finally half way when I look up from the grown and look at Harry. Mistake. He looks so attractive right now. I could just die right here. We make it to the front and Harry takes me from my dad and I look out and see my mom. I miss her so much. I look in Harry's eyes and he looks in mine "You. Look. Amazing." I whisper "You. Look. Stunning." He whispers back. We both smile and pay attention. It came time for the vows really fast. Harry started (we wrote our own) "The first time I saw you I was instantly in love. The way to talked the way you smiled and the way you laughed. You still smile and laugh the same way but you don't have your American accent any more. I rubbed off on you." He says smiling occasionally looking up from the paper. Hold in the mic he continues. "We have been through a lot. And I mean a lot. Your funny attitude and the inside jokes we share are amazing. We run around still like the kids we are. And enjoy being with one another. That's why I will always love you." I am on the verge of tears and so is he. I pull out my paper and start "Harry. I love you. Where do I begin? I met you and you were sleeping on my friends couch. But I was nice enough to let you into my room for the night. That's when I fell for you. When you hold me tight every night I still get butterflies. If it weren't for you I wouldn't be as successful as I am. Harry your my rock and I don't know what or where I would be with out you. Every night I still can't believe that your mine. And after today you really are mine. So Harry I will forever love you." I start to cry and so does he. Good thing they used waterproof makeup. We stopped crying and he wiped away my tears. "Do you Harry Edward Styles take Alexandria Leona McGill to be your wife?" The priest asks "I do." Harry says. "And do you Alexandria Leona McGill take Harry Edward styles to be your husband?" He asks again "I do." I say "My I have the rings please?" The priest asks. Louis pats down his pants and finds them. Harry and I laugh. The priest say handing me the ring "Alex repeat after me. With this ring I the wed." "With this ring I the wed." I repeat putting the ring on Harry's finger. "Harry repeat after me. With this ring I the wed." The priest says handing Harry the ring "With this ring I the wed." He slides this gold ring on my finger with a smile. "I pronounce you Mrs. and Mr. Harry Styles. You may now kiss the bride." The priest says and Harry holds my face in his hands and plants a huge kiss on my lips and pulls away. We turn a round and everyone was standing. Haley gives me my bouquet. Harry holds his arm out and I take it and we walk back down the isle. We stop at the front of the church to say thanks to people for coming and when they leave we get in a limo and drive to the reception. "So Mrs. Styles? I like it. It has some style to it don't you think?" Harry says as we drive. I laugh and Harry smiles. "It sure does." We laugh and talk the whole ride. We get out and take our wedding pictures am everybody but is two go in. The Dj say "I give you for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Styles!" We come in and we walk out onto the dance floor and do our first dance. We finish and go to our table. We eat our food and the speeches start with my dad. "I remember when she said she was going to be famous one day and marry a superstar like her. It turns out she did. And he makes her happy. My mom gets up and tell the stories of me singing in the living room in a princess dress. Harry's family had some pretty funny stuff to say. All the boys and my friends got up and told us that they are doing it together. The girls start. "You two have been all over the world with each other and apart. You still call and text each other whenever you can. I caught Alex once pretending that a pillow was Harry. She was telling it about her day. But still you two are and amazing strong couple when your together. And even stronger apart. That's what makes you unique." They girls continue and hand the mic to Louis. "Well can I just say that I did not expect for Harry to be the first to get married. At all." He hands the mic to Liam "You two are adorable new have watched your relationship blossom. We were there when Alex decided to go out with you. I hope that you two can be with each other forever." He hands it to Zayn. "Don't expect a sob story out of me. Cause you won't get one. You two are annoying apart. Harry talks about you and him all the time. And even in his sleep. It's kind funny. Once we told him that he talks about her in his sleep and he didn't believe us to we videotaped him not only talking about her but pretending that his pillow was Alex. So yeah. Good luck you two." Zayn hands the mic to Niall "Time for the sob story. Just kidding I met Alex and I will be honest I wanted her to me mine. But she was Harry's from the start. But that's fine. Harry was never one to really settle down. But I think there was something about Alex that changed him. I thought that it would be just a long relationship. And now look at them. As happy as can be. Married they are at the hight of their careers and are lets face it. Loaded with cash. And are set for the future. I wish the best of luck to you both and that you both live happily ever after." We finish and the dance that you do with your parents we do that an the funny thing was it was to John sing some love song he wrote. When that was over the dance party started. The floor was pact. I threw my bouquet and Haley caught it. When it was time for Harry to through the garter Harry got horny he ran his fingers up my leg and slid the garter down around my ankle and it was worse then it sounds. You had to be there. Harry sits up and flings it back and Niall catches it. Shocker. Then Harry and I start to bug Haley and Niall. But it was true they best get married soon. They got Delilah Rose coming. We dance and we go to cut the cake and I get some and smudge it all over Harry's face and laugh and he knows the makeup is on my face so her puts some on my nose and cover my bright red lips with the brown cake. We kiss and use napkins to wipe ways the cake on each others faces and finish the custom cake. We go back dancing and one bye one people leave. The party goes on for awhile. Once the Dj leaves at ten Harry picks me up and puts me down in the new sliver Lamborghini. With just married spray painted on the back. At some point I fall asleep and I wake up to the airport. Harry carries me on the plane thinking that I'm still asleep. I could tell he got some clothes out for us to change into. He carries me to our private jet we own. Yes it's just Harry's and mine. And puts me down in one of the leather seats and I'm assuming he's changing. He comes back and I slump on him. His not in his tux any more. It feels like a teeshirt an some jeans. I "wake up" and I see he is in jeans but a plaid button up shirt. I see the pile of clothes that are for mine mainly because he pointed to it. I go into the bathroom and change into a pair of green skinny jeans and a black tank top. With the pair of grey converse I had on earlier. I pull out every bobby pin jabbed into my head and watch each curl come down I wash the makeup off and sigh. It feels better. I leave the necklace on. I put the tiara in a bag and walk out. I put the bag in my suit case which was on the plane and got some grilled cheese from the flight attendant. I eat that and sat next to Harry he hands me my phone one says "I changed your Instagram and twitter name babe." I laughed. My name is now @Mrs.Alex_Styles_4eva "Nice name." I say. "I know it's the bestest." He says and we cuddle up together and fall asleep. I'm woken up by Harry poking me and saying "Honey. Honey. Honey. Honey. Honey. Honey. Honey. Babe. Babe. Babe. Babe. Babe. Babe. Babe. Babe. Baby. Baby. Baby. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Al-" "What." I say sitting up. "We are here." He says. I try to look out the window but Harry puts a blindfold on me "Not until we are at insert name of place here." Harry says and makes me laugh. He picks me up bridal style and caries me to a car of some kind and drives for about ten minutes. He stops the car and opens my door and picks me up and goes threw the doors. I could tell. It was The beginning of July and warm. The building was cool. He sits me down and goes somewhere and picks me up again. I here an elevator ding and we go up for awhile. We must be in a hotel. We finally get to the floor and I hear the doors unlock and Harry takes of my blind fold. And spins around and puts me down. I laugh so hard. This isn't just a penthouse it's a honeymoon suite. That what the sign said out front. It's like another house. Two floors. Spiral staircase. A kitchen two bedrooms a living room a balcony and everything else. Harry comes in with the stuff and I help him carry it up the stairs. We throw the stuff on the bed and unpack. I run out side and see a jacuzzi on the balcony. Harry comes up behind me and wraps his arms around me and whispers "I knew you'd love it Mrs. Styles." I giggle and turn around. So I'm facing him. "Your right." I say and he plants a hug kiss on me and we finish quickly cause its really warm. I look back out and see that we are in a New York. I run back inside kick off my shoes and flop on the bed. Harry sits next to me and chuckles. I push myself up and rest my head on his shoulder and he turns on the tv. Shocker. It's our wedding. "I'm so surprised." Harry says sarcastically. "Me too." I say. We laugh and kiss he holds me tight and I put my arms around his waist and kiss his cheek. And we both fall asleep. Watching our wedding on tv.
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