We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


27. unplanned show

Well lets just say that a 'Thing' happened last night. So now I am now forever with Harry Edward Styles. Just to let you know.

*day before MSG* "So Alex I want to take you to a concert." Harry says "I mean you know there is a concert I want to take you to." Oh yeah there is a Justin Bieber concert tonight. "Why are we going to a Justin Bieber concert on our honeymoon?" I ask. "Do I need to explain? You are opening for him then we are going to a party. Then we have to get ready for the teen choice awards, the VMA, Liam's birthday and a movie premiere. Doesn't August sound fun? Harry says. "Yeah but I still don't get why we are ohh." I say. I forgot the first part. "Now. If we are going to get you there on time we best get moving." He says. And we walk out of the hotel room and go to Madison square garden. We get there and their are people still setting up. An Justin's just walking around the arena. He sees Harry and comes up to us. "Hey Hazza." He says and they do a bro hug. And I'm there awkwardly. Cause I don't know him. "So Alex. Your married. Now." Justin says in a sadish way. "Yeah for like a day but yeah." I say. "Ahem." Harry says. "Anyway. What do you think of the place." Justin asks. "Well it's bloody huge." I say and they both laugh. Justin and I get to know each other and scooter comes up. "Justin wants to know if you can learn a song to sing with him." Scooter says handing me a sheet of music. I look at Justin just smiling. I look at Harry and he shrugs. Why not. I did it a few years ago. "Sure." I say. And Justin takes my wrist and takes me on stage and shows monitor that will have the lyrics and who's singing what. I just need to learn the notes. We set the song and Justin sets his songs which Harry and I are sitting with our feet on other chairs talking about getting a cat. I've always liked cats. When it's my turn I have five songs and one of them I do with Harry then I come out later in the show and song with Justin. We finish setting and I well I don't really have to do any thing. The people just placed a beanie on my head and did light makeup. And laid out an outfit for my song with Justin. Harry comes in and we talk more about our soon to be cat. When it's time for me to go up Harry shows me cause I don't know where I am going. I sing my songs run off when the stage gets dark. May I say that Justin has an impressive opening. He comes down with angel wings behind him. When it's two songs before I come out again I go change into a pair of shinny black skinny jeans and a purple tank top. And some white high tops. The people take off the beanie and fix my hair. I go to the spot they want me too and next thing I know I'm on stage with Justin. We sing and I steal his hat. At the end of the song he takes it back. I walk off and the rest of the night is history.
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