We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


10. tell me

Harry walked into the hotel room and closed the door behind him. Really. I shake my head. I want to bang on the door and yell but I'd rather not disturb the people here. I don't even know where we are. When we walked in Harry managed to block my view of every thing. I must look really stupid standing in the middle of the hallway. I lightly knock on the door. "Helloooooo." Harry says opening the door. "Hi." I say walking into the room. Harry has the curtains closed. I go to open them and he says "What you doing?" "Opening up the curtains." I say back. I laugh. Next thing I know Harry has me on the kingsize bed. He is hanging over me. His hands are holding down my wrists and his knees are on my legs. "You really don't want me to to open the curtains." I say. "Indeed." He says. I start laughing. We just stare into each others eyes. Then my dad comes in. "Was I interrupting something?" My dad asks. "No Tom. Your fine. I was just making sure that she…" Harry trails off. "Didn't have any…um…hold on I know how to make up a good excuse. For having your daughter underneath me.…we were playing…um.…pin…me.…down. Yeah pin me down." Harry was trying to explain. "Just tell me where we are!" I whine like a toddler. "No." Harry says pointing his finger at me like a parent. "Tell me." I say stomping my foot. "I said no." Harry almost yelled. "Fine." I as I go to the curtains. I was acting like a toddler. This was our relationship. I was the little kid. Before Harry could stop me I open the curtains.
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