We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


1. serious

Harry's P.O.V.
"Alex and I have been together for two years now. She moved into my house but still lives with you at points. I just hope that with hers and your new album out she doesn't decide to you know change." I said to John. We where in my backyard. Alex was recording to day. She is making a Christmas album. Her album with John dropped already. I love it. John and Alex went on tour and they just put out another. An the boys and I we are on our 'take me home' Alex and John were on their 'look at us' tour. They are done but we need to tour America.
"Well if you ask me my opinion. She has changed so much. Grant it she used to avoid me. But I would look at her when we were in rehearsal. She looked so care free like there was nothing going on. But her friend Andrew told me about her problems with the kids in her school, and her brother. I couldn't believe it. But I know that's long gone. Her brothers alive and she still has no clue. But now when I look at her. I'd think she'd still look care free. But she looks so serious now. Well when I see her she is usually writing songs with me on the piano or Niall on the guitar." John said.
"Well song writing is pretty tough. You have never written a song before. She has, the boys and I have. For goodness sakes Perrie has." I said to John. Zayn and Perrie are back together again. Louis has moved Alex's friend Rachel over to England. Their going out now. Niall moved Toni out here and Alex is hanging out with either her or Nikki.
"Well I get that but still she just so serious. We need to do SOMETHING to get her back to normal. I don't like her being so serious." John stated
"But what on earth… I know laser tag!" I said and ran to make a reservation.
"JOHN! CALL EVERYONE UP! WE NEED EVERYONE WE KNOW!" I yelled looking threw the yellow pages in the kitchen.
"OK!" John yelled back. I made the reservation. John says that everybody can come. I called up Lou.
"Hello?" Rachel answered.
"Hey can you and Lou come over early? We need to get Alex to be her crazy self again." I said
"Sure no problem. Wait what's wrong with Alex?" She asked
"She's been super serious lately and well she needs to be herself." I stated.
"Sure. We will be there asp seven." She said and hung up. It's six-thirty right now. I want tacos.
"No! I won't put up with this craziness you call a schedule! I will not get up at five in the morning on a Saturday." Alex said. Must be home. This is what she does now. She choreographs songs for her, John and her and also the boys and I. Oh and little mix.
"What about noon?" She said into her phone.
"Alright I can be there at ten." She said.
"Will do bye." She said and hung up. I walked into the kitchen( I was in the living room).
"Hey babe." I said as I put my arms around her sides.
"Hey. I brought you some tacos." She said. Wow. She knows me so well.
"Thanks did you get John some?" I said taking the bag she pointed to.
"No. I got him the McDonalds." She said as John walked in.

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