We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


24. rehearsal

*On the way to the rehearsal* When we get in the car he says "I know that songs about you. An that's why you don't like it." "You read me like a book. How do you do it? Did you recently get the power of mind reading?" I ask. "No I've known you forever. And I because John told me." He says. That makes sense. "Why am I not surprised. He's coming to the wedding." I say. "He always planed on it. Lets hope he doesn't object." Harry says turning on the radio. "Yeah. Oh no." I say because One Way or Another comes on. "Oh yes." He says then shouts "ONE WAY OR ANOTHER I'M GONNA FIND YA I'M GONNA GETCHA GETCHA GETCHA   GETCHA GETCHA!" And I start laughing because people started to look at us because we were pulling into the hotel. I turn off the radio and pull the keys out and run. "Hey! You stole my keys! Your going to pay!" Harry yells and I bump into my uncle Tracy. Be takes the keys from me and because I'm still shorter then he is he holds the keys up high enough for me to not be able to get them. He always liked to bug me. I start jumping and Harry sees Tracy and because he's as tall as Tracy he easily takes the keys from Tracy. "It's no fun when your around." Tracy says. "Eh. I'm ok with it." Harry says. "Just get the family." I say and Tracy comes down with everyone. Well not everyone. Cause our family's put together make one huge family. We get in our car and we all drive to the church. When I get up to Harry whispers "I wish I knew what to expect when you come down the isle. I might not be able to breath." "I could say the same. But I have seen you in a suit. Not a tux. So I sorta know what to expect." I say. And we set the spots for everybody. And I didn't know that Harry's best man was Louis. Until when I was walking up for the second to last time. We had practiced the walk like five times and Louis made me go back when he said "I'm da best man!" And he was hushed cause we were in a church. We finished up the rehearsal and went to Nando's for the rehearsal dinner. That was very interesting. Because it was Nando's Niall was eating almost everything served. Then my little cousin(the junior bridesmaid) she started to fan girl when she realized that Liam sat next to her. That was my highlight of the evening. We all finished up and we when home.
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