We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


14. plans

*in the morning* I wake up to Harry playing with my hair. "Hello there future Mrs . Styles." Harry says in my ear. Then I look down to my hand and see the gold ring on it. "I'm still in shock." I say. "That what I like you?" Harry asks. "No that you met my family and you still asked me." I say. "They are really weird." He says. "Do you think that the word got out that we're engaged now?" I ask. "What do you think. It was on tv last night." Harry says. I shrug. "Do what do you want to do today?" I ask. "Do you know where kalahari is?" He asks "Yeah. Is that what you want to do?" I say. "Well I want to mini golf actually. And I hear that there is one there." Harry says. "There is. But you know what I think that we should eat first." I say. "That's a good plan." He replies. He pulls a shirt on. He already has sweats on. I am in a cedar point sweat shirt and my sweats are matching Harry's. Grey cedar point sweat pants. I put on flip flops and brush my hair. We leave the room. I knock on my dads door. Harry says he has a key for his room. My dad comes out ready for breakfast. We walk to the elevator. "Good morning." I say. "Morning." My dad replies. We go down to get our breakfast at the area you can get it at. I make a waffle and get a banana, a chocolate chip muffin and some apple juice. I go to a table and put the food down. And start to eat. Shortly Harry comes with my dad and we discuss our plans for today. My dad is going to the park today. We let him use our passes for today. We finished eating and went back up to our floor. When we get back into out room I ask "Harry when are you going on tour?" "February." He answers. "Oh." Is all I could say. That feels so close. "I want you to come." He says. "I can't." I reply. "Why not?" He questions "Because I can't. I have to plan the wedding." I tell him. "But. But. I want you there. So I can help you." He says. Standing up out of an office chair. "How about I come and visit you. And we can FaceTime and Skype if we need to. Besides I have to visit my grandma. And my mom. Who I haven't seen or talk to in months. The last time I talk to her is when she found out I was dating you and was famous and had my own clothing line." I tell him. My mom wasn't the happiest. She always wanted me to get a job as a teacher on a lawyer or a doctor like her. I told her. That I am following my dreams. That's why I moved to England with my dad two years ago. I was planing on getting a job as like an assistant to anybody. But when I met the boys every thing just changed. "Ok. That's a good plan." He says.
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