We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


3. laser tag

We drove to laser tag in a really big van. Like comedically huge van. We were cracking up the whole time because Louis was trying to find…Kevin. The pigeon. He had a window rolled down and was yelling out the window
"Kevin?! Kevin?! What did Doctor Seuss tell you?!" There was that then he found a carrot some how. Don't ask me I don't know how.
"Come here Kevin! I got a yummy carrot for you! Well for me!" He was sticking the carrot out the window. By this point we were just disturbed.
"What. I'm not gonna let this carrot go to waste." He said rolling up the window and took a huge bite out of the carrot.
"Guess what?" I said.
"What?" Liam said
"Pineapples." Niall said. What? Where did that come from.
"No. Unicorns." I said.
"Leprechauns." Harry said.
"Mermaids." Zayn said.
"Pegasus." Liam said.
"SpongeBob." Louis answered. We were there John was driving. We all got out and ran into the laser tag place and we each got a vest and programmed in and we started. Perrie told us to split into teams. Here is our list
Harry and I
Eleanor and John
Perrie and Zayn.
That is what we split up in. Harry and I took high ground Eleanor and John are covering the low ground. Last Zayn and Perrie and attacking. We went to our spots and waited for the buzzer to go off.
Sydney's P.O.V.
Niall had us separate into groups
Liam and I.
Louis and Rachel
Niall and Toni.
Liam and I took high ground, Louis and Rachel took low ground. Last Niall and Toni and attackers. We got in places just as the buzzer sounded. Liam we were up and looking across the bridge. Well I was he was looking down. I saw Alex and Harry across on the other bridge. I smirked and shot Harry and Alex. They looked up and ducked down then I got out. I looked down and it said Hazza. I ducked down. I waited for the recharge and was about to get up when I got hit by Bradford bad boi. Zayn. Ugh. I can't believe he got back together with Perrie. I still love Perrie but you know. It's kinda rude. But what am talking about. I got back together with Taylor.
I recharged and got Zayn out and Perrie. I looked down on the bridge and got John and Eleanor out. I smiled and got out. A-A. Alex. She laughed and I smirked. I recharged and got her out and laughed. The game ended and we ran to see who one laser tag. This game was like an hour long. We looked and saw  that Perrie's team won. Oh well. We all hopped back in the van and left. We were just cracking up the whole time. We were telling stories and talking about animals. Some how we ended up on turtles. Don't ask me I don't know.
"But cats are soo much better." Alex said.
"Whaaaaat you talkin' 'bout giiiiiiiirrrrrllll. I like dogs." Liam said.
"But turtles-" Niall was cut off
"Quiet leprechaun!" Louis yelled. We all laughed so hard. I can't believe them. Must be slap happy. It's ten. That place is far.
"Y'all should come mosey on down to my hoouuse and sleeep ooooverrr." Alex said.
"Well will get our stuff and be right over sherif." Zayn said. For some reason we were talking in southern accents.
"We should wallch a scarry movie." John said.
"We should wallch toy story." Liam said. Then Louis said almost normally until he got to the last part.
"We should watch when NO!!! JIMMY PROTESTED!!!"
"Oh my god we need to watch those. Have you guys seen them?" Zayn asked.
"Yes. Yes we have. Unfortunately. We have. Every. Single. One. Even. From your tour. Every. Single. One." Alex said. I nodded and so did all the others that weren't in 1D.
"You haven't seen the ones we didn't post." Niall said.
"Alright. But if you can hook the camera up to the tv then sure. We'll watch it." Alex said.

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