We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


2. just let loose

Alex's P.O.V.
"FOOD!" John yelled. I aware he's another Niall. And the good Lord knows one Niall's enough. I laughed and went to change but Harry grabbed my hand with a taco in his other.
"We are going to go play laser tag. Don't change into your pajamas." Harry stated. I nodded my head and went upstairs. I went into our bedroom and changed into a pair of white skinny jeans. A long sleeve gray top and grey converse. I looked at my hair an makeup. I decided to take off my makeup and undo the fishtail I put in. I took the makeup off an put on one coat of mascara. I know I just took it off but I really don't care. Besides I like to see my freckles and out line my ocean blue eyes. Next was my hair. I took it out and shook my head like a dog and looked in the mirror. It looked wavy. Like normal but tighter because of the braid. I looked in the body mirror and approved my outfit. I just wish we didn't have to go laser tagging. I used to love it. It was fun. But being a song writer, singer and choreographer. Takes a lot of time. I needed to be serious and not goof around. I walked downstairs and sat on the couch. When I heard
"You two better not be making out because I'm coming in!" Louis was here. He always says that before he comes in. Even if we have company over. Even though its mostly my friends. He comes in and yells
"I. Want. FOOD!!" I laugh and go to the bags of food I got. Of course only my taco remanded and I know everyone else will want food.
"Do you want me to order Nando's?" I asked when Niall walks threw the door he sucks in his breath and is about to say something when I say
"You know what I'm a just going to get it anyways." I said picking up the phone. Niall screamed
"YES!!" And we all laughed. I ordered enough food to feed a heard of cows. I put the phone down and sit on the couch next to Rachel. When Louis says rummaging threw the fridge with Niall
"You know what I like. Green apples." He says biting into a green apple.
"Ok. That's random." I said turning on the tv.
"Well I like potatoes." Niall said.
"Well we all knew that." Rachel said. Then Harry grabbed two bananas and said
"Well I don't know about you but I like bananas." I laughed. I always had to have bananas, potatoes, and carrots in the house. And now I apparently need green apples too. Then Harry throws me a banana. And I take a huge bite out of it and we all start laughing. I go into the kitchen and get apple juice. Something else I need to have in the house all the time. As I put the container back in the fridge  Harry says
"That's mine!"
"It's my apple juice now!" I said and took a huge gulp of it from the glass. Harry started to come towards me saying in a threatening tone as everyone else walked in
"You think that I'm afraid to drink that because you already did. You thought wrong." and…he stole my juice. I looked up and saw everyone else standing staring at us. Then they started to laugh. I groaned and they shut up and sat down in the living room. The food came. I payed the guy
"Hey your Alex right?" He said. I groaned again
"Yeah that's me. I suppose you want a picture." I said. He nodded and I took one with him and he left. I closed the door. This was my life now. Every single time I got food either Harry or I would be taking a picture with the delivery person. I walked into the living room and put the food down and everyone got their food. I pulled out my phone and it started to ring. Management. I answered it an walked upstairs.
"Hello." I said
"I need you AND John at the photo shoot at ten." The person said.
"We'll be there. Bye." I said and hung up and threw my phone on the bed. And fell on to the bed. And groaned. I stayed there wanting to be alone when Louis walked in. I groaned again.
"What?" I asked rather rudely.
"Alex look. I know your stressed out." He said. Putting his hand out.
"Yeah thanks captain obvious." I said. Sitting up on the bed crossing my arms. It's been this way for two years.
"Look-" he said but I cut him off
"No you look. I just want to go to bed. Thanks to the choreographer quitting I need to do everything now. If you want a good show I highly suggest-" crap that was harsh"Sorry about that. I just snapped. What were you going to say." I said.
"Look we are doing this for you tonight. So can you do us all a favor and just let loose?" He asked.
"Sure. Alright lets get downstairs." I said and we went down. I felt so much better now. I sat on Harry's lap and he said.
"I want to pick teams. We need captains. Uh Niall, Perrie." Harry said. "Niall pick girl, Perrie pick a boy."
"Toni. Duh." Niall said.
"Zayn. Duh." Perrie said mimicking Niall.
"Um Louis." Niall
"Alex."  Perrie
"Rachel." Niall
"Harry." Perrie
"Liam." Niall
"Eleanor." Perrie
"Sydney."  Niall
"John." Perrie
"Ok let's go." Harry said.

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