We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


19. I thought you loved me

Well John does. Alex and I get out at Alex's dads house. "You can walk home from here." Alex says. We both discussed that she would tell John. Johns P.O.V. "Why did you send him home?" I ask. Look at her left hand that's in her pocket. "You'll find out shortly." She said as I opened the door to my house. "How's the new neighbor. Haley?" She asks. "She's good. Isn't she a friend of yours?" I ask. "Yeah. I used to go to camp with her." She says. "Yeah. You know when you were gone I hung out with Nikki." I say. "Yeah. I know." She says. Nikki isn't all that bad but it's still not Alex. Full honest I hate the fact that she is with Harry. I want her to be mine. That's why I moved out here in the first place. I didn't want to be famous. That just happened. "Look I have to tell you something." She says as I hear a car pull up. I know it's Harry's. There are a lot of windows in this house. I look her in the eyes. "You can tell my anything." I say. She slowly pulls her left hand into my view. I see a ring. I'll let her explain. Maybe it's a promise ring. Or something like that. "I'm engaged." She says I freeze. I stare at the ring. I stand up and push her against the wall. "I thought you loved me!" I yelled. "I did at one point. But you screwed up big time. Not me. You loser! You need to move on. Please. I forgave you. But I just want to be your friend. And if you don't want that then fine. I couldn't care less. Just remember it could have been you I said yes to. But you screwed that up yourself! Now I'm leaving. You can call me when you are ready to take this the right way and be happy!" She yell at me and walks out the door. I need to calm down. I call up Nikki. She comes over and I ask her "Did you know about this?" I ask pacing "Depends what is this?" She asks sitting on the red leather couch. "The engagement." I say. "Yeah I did." She replies. Well that's just peachy. "I know what happened when she told you. And I agree with her you really need to move on." She says. I am finally calm and I sit next to her. "I do." I say with a sigh. "Yeah. And when you do let her know. I'm pretty sure you and Alex need to do something. Your her best friend. You have known her longer than I have. She knows how you feel about her. And she's known for awhile." Nikki says. "Well it's so hard. I just wish that was me. Why did I screw up so badly." I say putting my face in my hands. "Your fault. Not mine." She says. I look into her eyes. I might be falling for her. "Your right. Thanks for coming over." I say. "Dude I live across the street. It's not a problem. I have know life without Alex. No boyfriend. No friends really. At school I get bullied. Paparazzi find me everywhere. I have no life. So it was really not a problem." She says. "Will you go out to dinner with me sometime. Please." I ask. She looks shocked. "Sure." She says and walks out the door. I sigh. And lay on the couch and turn on the tv. Alex and Harry. No. Alex and the boys. No. Me. No. Nikki. No- wait what? "Nikki Howard? Is she still Alex's friend? We haven't seen them in a picture together in over two months-" I change the channel and settle on boxing. I don't watch the show though. I'm think about Alex. And Nikki. I pick up my phone I want to call Alex but I don't know if she'll answer me. I am about to put it down when I get a call. Management. "Hello." I say. "Yes Mr. Page we need you and the boys at the recording studio tomorrow. Is there any complications?" The man asks "Well I just need to leave early that's all." I say. I really don't but I just don't want to be around Harry until I straiten things out with Alex. "Alright see you at seven. Bye." And the line goes dead. I can't believe that. The fact that I have to be in the studios at seven in the morning. I call up Niall and tell him what happened. And I hang up. Call Louis tell him what happened. He answered "You little dork. She trusted you. And now what am I supposed to do fix it for you like I always do? Well you'll have to fix this one yourself mister. Good-bye." He says and the line goes dead. I laugh at his sass. I sigh and call Harry. I let him flip out as I make tea. When the tea is done he was too. "Look I am ok now but I don't know if I think I should talk to Alex. For a awhile." I tell him. "That's a good plan." Harry says. "I'll see you tomorrow. Bye." I say "Bye." Harry says and the line goes dead.
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