We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


21. I missed you

I wake up at the God awful time of three a.m. I get dressed in the outfit I wore for the photo shoot. I brush my hair. Curl it and do my makeup. I put on a necklace the necklace that Harry got me its diamond infinity sign with love where the x is. And the bracelet Harry got me with a few more I bought. I grab my purse and phone. Hop in the car and drive to the airport. I turn on the radio and live while we're young is playing. I smile and in twenty minutes I'm at the airport. I walk in and plop down in a seat and a bunch of people come up to me. Harry and I have not exactly kept it secret that we are getting married in a week. I take pictures. Some are my fans and some are directioners. My phone vibrates its Harry saying that he's five minutes away. I stand up and I remember that I haven't seen Harry in two months. I walk closer to the gate and see Haley and Rachel talking. I sit and Haley says "I have big news." "Well what is it?" I say excited "I'm pregnant." She says patting her stomach. Am I shocked? No. It's Haley. If you knew her when we were kids you'd understand. "Congrats. How long?" I ask hugging her "It's three months old. And it's a girl." She says smiling. "Aww. Do you know the name?" Rachel asks. "Delilah Rose. Oh and you know that week I was with the boys?" She asks. "Yeah what about it?" Rachel says. "This." She says pulling out a ring. "Well that's amazing." I say studying the ring on her finger. Then Rachel says "Me too." And shows me her ring. Geez. "Well my friends are engaged to One Direction." I say. And Nikki's dating John. The plane arrives and I hug Harry and the rest if the boys and say "I missed you." We stay there because my family is coming in. Harry's family's at a five star hotel closer to the chapel. And thats where my family is going to go too. And I have a lot of family coming. My moms side and my dads side and both sides are huge. We all go to Starbucks and get coffee and some breakfast. We stay there for an hour talking and my family's plan landed and we went to the gate and the came out and they rented cars and they drove to the hotel. And Harry and I drove back to our house and fell back asleep in bed. We were talking about his tour and the wedding but we just slowly drifted off to sleep. I wake up to see Braden jumping on the bed. I forgot that I gave her a house key. "Hey." I say as I get up and put my shoes on and I fix my hair.
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