We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


29. I just don't know

I run up into my dressing room and put all the clothes and shoes back on the racks. I take off the makeup and grab my phone and tweet @Mrs.Alex_Styles_4eva: thank you guys for an amazing show! There was a lot of hard work for the show. We all really appreciate it. You guys were super loud. I hope you all liked the surprise we had at the end of the concert�� I walk out and everyone is waiting for me. "What?" I ask. "We wanna take you somewhere." Zayn says. I'm kinda creeped out. I nod and everyone pushes me out the back and into a limo. Perrie put a blindfold on me. I sigh really loudly. I bet that John's behind this. I'm pushed out of the car. This has to be something too see. I am pushed into a seat inside a building. I hear John taking next I me. And Harry on the other. Harry takes of my blindfold. Shoot. I'm at the theater. It's a Broadway theater to be exact. I don't want to go there because it's where I was when I was dating John. Oh joy. It's also the same dang play. I sit and watch it. We all leave and we all go back to the hotel. "Do did you like the play?" Harry asks sitting next to me on the balcony. "Yeah it was. A experience that one doesn't get often." I say. And it's true. "I agree." Harry says. Then there was a lot of noise coming from the people below us. We look down an see Louis and Liam. "Hey! Keep it down! We are talking about the show!" Harry yells at them. And they laugh. "Oh really. How was last night?" Louis asks. And I here the door close. Liam holds something up for me to grab. I get it. It's their room key. "I know you want to hit him so in helping you. He made jokes all night long about you two. And I myself want to hit him." Liam says. I thank him and I run down the stairs to their room and I put the key in and hide in the closet. I here Louis coming in. "I swear those two are going to keep me up all night!" He says and I here the tv turn on and the bounce of the springs on the bed. I creep out of tv closet and whisper "Louis I gonna find you. Louis I'm gonna kill you." And I crouch behind the bed. There are two in the room. "Not funny Liam." He says "Louis I'm gonna find you. Louis I'm gonna kill you." I say a little louder. "Seriously. Liam it's not funny." Then Liam says "I'm on the balcony what." And I see his foot. "Ne-ne-never mind." Louis says. "Louis I gonna find you. Louis I'm gonna kill you." I yell. "I'm outta here!" Louis yells and I hear him get up I jump on his back. "Ahhhhh!" He screams. I cover his mouth. And he turns around. "Nm fim" he says. I take my hand off "That was clever. Now out." He says as I get down. "Sure. Just remember I have a key." I say an I slap him hard and run out if the room laughing and I run into my room. Close the door. And run on the balcony. "You little-!" Louis yells "Think there could be children around!" I yell at him "Stink bomb!" He yells and I hear the balcony door slam. And I sit in a chair. The sun is setting. Harry comes out with some tea. "You want some?" He asks "Yeah. I do." I say. And Harry goes in and comes back out shortly with another mug. "Thanks." I say. "You rocked today." Harry says. "Psh. Your best song ever performance was even better." I say. "Psh. Your entire show was da bomb." Harry says "If you say so." I say and laugh and so does Harry. Then Louis comes out and yells "Keep it down up there!" And goes back inside. We laugh again. And I whisper. "You wanna prank him?" I ask holding up the room key. "A duh." What we going to do?" Harry asks "We all go back tomorrow right?" I ask. "Yeah but we are on our own plane. Why?" Harry asks. "I'm thinking if a wake up call." I say and I pull out my phone and text Niall, Liam, and Zayn. To come up. I hear a knock on the door(just so you know there is two balconies the one where Harry and I get yelled at is the downstairs one). I walk out and open the door. "I was about to use the key." Niall says. "I'm assuming this has something to do with Louis." Liam says. I nod an all the boys(but Louis) sit an I stand. "Before you start to talk cause you get longwinded. Can I have some food?" Niall asks. "What do you want?" I ask. "Five guys!" Niall almost yells. I hand him the phone am tell him to give his order then give the phone to another person. "Hello?" Pause "Yes I would like to order three bacon cheeseburgers and a large fry." Niall hands the phone to Liam. "Just a large fry please." Liam's hands the phone to Zayn. "I would like one cheeseburger. And a small fry." Zayn hand the phone to Harry. "Hello yes I would like one bacon cheeseburger." Harry looks up to me I nod. He's ordering for me too. "A medium fry and a hot dog. Thank you." He hangs up the phone and bows and hands it to me saying "Your phone madam." I laugh. Laugh. "Thanks." I say and I walk back to the area the boys are in. "This one won't be that long. I need you all up by five. And Niall you get a bucket of ice. Liam you will make sure Louis doesn't wake up. Zayn you get a bucket. And Harry you will bring the dump the ice on Louis. We good?" I explain. "Yeah. Liam says. "Good." Niall says "I got it." Zayn says. "I understand." Harry says. "Good. We didn't even need food." I say. "Can we invite Lou? And rent a movie?" Liam asks. "Sure. I will go out and get a movie. I will also pick up the food. And get something for Lou." I say getting up. I put on my shoes and grab my room key. And turnaround and say "You will all pay me. Or well you know what I'm capable of." I say and they all nod and I walk out. Five guys is like a block away but I need a movie. So I go a red box and get 'the host' and I put it in my purse then I go into five guys get the food and a cheeseburger for Lou. I carry it all back and I go in the elevator. The door opens and I shift the food so I can open the door. I walk in and put the food on the coffee table and pull out the food for everyone and I give Niall his bag. Yes. He has his own bag. I put in the movie and we eat and watch. They all look at me at the end like I was suppose to do something. "What?" I ask. "You didn't scream." Zayn says "Or flinch." Niall adds "Or have to leave the room." Liam says. "Or cover your eyes in Harry's chest." Louis says. I giggle. "You know I've already seen this movie." I say getting up. "Now you may get out." I say gesturing towards the door. Louis leaves first an I say "Remember five." Then they all leave. I go upstairs and change into sweatpants and a teeshirt. Harry comes up changes and lays down in bed. I flop down and close my eyes and soon I was out. I wake up at five am to the three boys and Harry next to me. "Lez do dis chizz." I say getting up. We dump the icy water on him and we run out and Liam pretends to sleep. I go up stairs and Get dressed and Harry and I pack our bags and we leave New York. I sigh turning in the keys. I hop in the car and he drives to the airport. We get in our jet and fly. We watch movies the way. We get off and I go visit my dad for a bit. We go buy a black(cat) kitten and name it Polly. I put her down in the house and let her explore. And Harry says "Welcome home little Polly." I laugh and change into sweats and a long sleeved shirt. I come out and sit on the couch and play on my phone. Then Harry made tacos for dinner and also bout cat food because I had no intention of leaving the house. "Thanks." I say sitting on the island eating my two tacos. Harry had three. "Do you wanna play with Polly?" I ask picking her up. "A duh." Harry says petting her we play with Polly until Harry said "I almost forgot to tell you." He helps me up from my sitting position cause I feel lazy today. "Lazy butt." He mumbles pulling me down to our basement. "You. Got. Air hockey." I say. I'm a masts at this game. We play for hours. And we go back upstairs I fiddle with Polly and we do to the bedroom. I plop down next to Harry putting my head on his chest. And we watch family guy and I yawn. "Tired babe?" He asks. I slowly nod. And my eyes close. I let my mind wander. How much longer can I be famous? Will I be like Madonna? Or will my career end early? I just don't know.
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