We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


17. I can't. Why?

I walk out. I don't believe this. I go into my room and change into my pjs and I go out and knock on Niall's door. He's someone to talk to. "What?" Niall says. I walk in brushing past him. "What happened?" I ask looking him in the eyes. His are tearing up. "T- T- Toni broke up with me." He says. "Oh God. I'm so sorry. I can't. What? Why?" I say as he collapses into my arms. And starts to sob in my lap. And he never cries. Only when something bad happens. He really loved her. What did she do? I've know Toni forever. What happened? "She said she was sick- sick- of m-m-me." He says. This can't be right she's not like that. "Hey. She's not worth it. Your a great guy. Niall. She just didn't see that." I say stroking his head to comfort him. "But I loved her." He says. "Some things just don't work out. You know John?" I say. "Yeah what about him?" He asks sitting up. "I used to like him. And we sorta went out. Secretly nobody knew. Not even my family. But when my friends ask him if he likes me he says he doesn't. Imagine. Liking someone and you go out with them and then they tell your friends that they don't. It happened to me." I say. "That had to suck." Niall says looking me in the eyes. "It did." I tell him. An I give him a hug. "If you need someone to talk to I am a text away." I tell him. And I walk out.  I needed that and so did he. I sigh and walk into Harry and mines room. I lay next to him and he puts his arms around me. The lights are already out. And we fall asleep like that. I love Harry so much. I want to stay with him for ever. *in the morning* I wake up and there is Harry laying there so peacefully. He is in his usual bed attire. No shirt, pajama bottoms. I start to look at him. I study his facial features. Then I start to lightly draw patterns in his back. But still looking at him. But when I stop I hear his husky morning voice say "Did I tell you to stop?" And his emerald green eyes open. "How long were you awake?" I ask. "Long enough to see you staring at me you creepy stalker." Harry says sitting up. "It's what I do." I say checking my phone. When I look at it I see a text from Louis "We need to talk asp." I go knock on his and Niall's door. He was in Zayn and Liam's room last night so he wasn't there. Louis pulls me into the bathroom and says. "Why? Why did you say yes? John loves you Alex. Can you not see that? He's mad at you for this. He thought that he had a chance. Why?" "Well I did give him a chance. In seventh grade. And now he wants me. Fat chance that's never going to happen. I just want to be his friend. Now is that what you needed to talk about?" I say "Well yes. Yes it was you may go now." He says and I leave. And go back to Harry and mines room. I change into bright blue jeans and a five seconds of summer tour tee shirt and black converse. I crimped my hair and put on mascara. I looked in the mirror. I looked like Niall. Well he is the one that took me to the 5sos concert. I walk out and see that Harry is already dressed. "The boys are already dressed you creepy stalker." He says winking. "Oh come on." I say slapping his arm. "Ow. That actually hurt. That ring is a weapon." He says. "I'll remember that." I say smirking. We walk out of the and knock on the boys doors. My dad doesn't want to come for unknown reasons. I don't think that that kid is my little brother.
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