We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


22. families meet

I know what your probably thinking that this is the rehearsal wedding but it's not. Harry and I are just going to talk to the pastor about the plans. Then going to where the reception will be. Tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner/wedding. We went to the chapel and to the reception. It's at a reck center that will be beautified by my friends. We draw out a map as to where tables will go and we talk to the Dj and we leave. By that time it's already seven at night. We decided to visit the family's. I called them all and Harry made the reservation to reserve the meeting room and to have a buffet there. He also calls the boys. We get there and it's seven thirty. We get out of the car and go to the meeting room. And I knew that my family was going to over power. Ron comes up to me and so does his wife and kids. Next my grandma and grandpa. It's basically a line were they hug me then go talk to Harry. Mom and dad. My cousins. Aunts and uncles. Friend and friends boy/girlfriends. Then Harry's family comes over and talks to me. Then both family's start to talk. And Harry comes over. And says "I hope that they all get along." "I do too. My family already has problems getting along themselves." I say. "Mine too." Harry says and we sit down as the food arrives. I'm next to Harry and Louis. We all laugh and eat. The boys and Harry and I go to the movies. Louis and I talk on how I will talk with John. The boys and John are recording tomorrow. We just talk the whole movie. At the end we all hugged and went home. I showered and laid in bed on my phone. When the door bell rang. I got up and it was Paul holding a huge bag. And he just walks in. "Hello to you too." I say. "Harry! Paul's here!" "Coming!" He yells. I know he's putting on a shirt. He comes out and sits on a chair. "What's in da bag?" He asks. "Your fans wedding presents." He says handing the bag and leaves. "Well we going to open these?" I ask and Harry sits down next to me on the floor and we peel through all the boxes. I get up an Harry moves and I take a picture of the floor now covered with wrapper and boxes. I post it on Instagram fan page and I put under it Thanks for the gifts! We just spent and hour opening them! But I still love you guys!�� Harry sees the post and laughs. I posted it on my private account were only friends follow under that one I post Geez I have fans. I put my phone down and we turned on tv. It was the news but we really don't pay attention to the show. I rest my head on Harry's shoulder an I fall asleep.
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