We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


23. da pigeon is out

I wake up at six a.m. I get in the car with Harry and he drives to the studio. I sit in the car and play my music. When more than this comes on for the second time Louis texts me The pigeon is coming the pigeon is coming. I laugh and get out of the car and go into the lobby I walk to the elevator and I hit someone "Sorry." We say at the same time. I look up an see John. "Hi." I say "Oh hi." He says. "Soo." I say. "Look I'm ok with you and Harry. As long as you're ok with Nikki and I." He says "Yeah. I'm fine. I'm glad that you are good. So you coming to the wedding?" I ask "I wouldn't miss it. I think I can love you like a sister." He says "Good because I love you like a brother." I say with a smile on my face and we hug. "You know you don't need a master plan to me." He says. "Well Louis failed." I say as he walks towards the door. When he pushes the door the turns around and say "Da pigeon is out!" All I do is laugh. I go up to the elevator and push the floor seven button. I lean on the wall in my grey converse black jeans and grey Hollister sweatshirt. The door opens and I hop out and sit on the leather couch. All they are doing is talking to Simon. They finish up and he leaves. And I lightly punch Louis. "What was that for?" He wines "For having John find out." I say "He is the one that left his jacket up here. Next to my phone. So he must have saw my awesome text." Louis says. "So you wanna here the song?" Niall asks "Sure." I say. (At this point I know what your thinking. John isn't part of 1D. They are recording a song for John's album.) The song plays and I here John's voice threw the speakers. "You were once mine. But now the times up. You moved on. Now I sit and watch the two of you together. All around the world. I can't escape. The walls are closing in. I'm lost with out you!" He sings gradually getting faster. That's about me. I'll say nothing. "It's a song that's for sure." I say. "You don't like it? It's the first song John wrote on his own." Liam says. Go figure. That explains a lot. "It's something alright. It's fine. Just the lyrics don't make any sense. I mean the walls are closing in? Then right after I'm lost with out you? It's confusing." I say trying to lie my way through it. But it's also true. The lyrics are kinda everywhere. "I see where your coming from. The lyrics don't make sense." Zayn says. "But hey cut the guy some slack. It's the first song he really wrote." Harry says. I would if it wasn't about me. "True. True." I say. "So I'll see you guys later at the rehearsal." Harry says and we all leave.
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