We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


9. come on

We have a hour left on the plane. Harry and I were tickling each other. And yelling things like "Stop it!" Or "lollipop!"(Harry's safety word). "Marshmallow!" (My safety word). Until a flight attendant yells at us to be quiet. Then we just start laughing. *one hour later* Harry and I were poking each other now. And the seat belt sign came on and we buckled and still poking each other. I looked over and my dad was giving us the stop look so we stopped. We landed and I jumped up from my seat and Harry  chased me off the plane to baggage clam. When we got there I was hiding behind a sign. Harry grabs me and and pulls me over his shoulder. I was laughing the whole time. When he put me down my dad was standing right in front of me with my large bag. "Take this." He says handing me my bag. "Thanks." I said and we walked out. I realized that we were at the airport near where I grew up. My dad rented a car and Harry drove. That's always a good thing. Harry is not the best driver. When we've been in the car for and hour I decide to turn on the radio. I want to ask where we are going but I know better. He would just say something that would annoy me. Some how I fall asleep *dream* I wake up and I'm in a dark room. I can't see anything. All of a sudden the lights come on and I see Harry and everyone I know. The lights flicker and I'm alone with Harry. He smirks and grabs my hand and sits me on the bed. "Come on, love. You just need to forget about them and just think about us." He says. "But Harry I can't. I just can't leave them behind. Like that. It's hard enough when I leave for five months. I can't leave for a year." I say. "But babe I can't be away from you for a year." Harry mumbles. "I could come out and visit you." I say. "Fine. Babe do me a favor." Harry says. Standing up. "Yes." I say. "Will you… wake up." He says. "What?" I ask. "Wake up babe. We're here." Harry says. *end of dream* My eyes flutter open. I see Harry standing in front of the car door. I get out and Harry directs me to a hotel. We check in and my dad stops says "We will have to be up by eight if you want to go into the park an hour early and it closes at ten. You. To will have to be done with the rides by nine so you can get ready for the show." My dad says. I nod and so does Harry.
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