We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


12. all day

Harry holds out his hand and I take it. In smile and look into his eyes. We walk into the elevator and when we leave we get mobbed. "Gees they really do stalk us over here." Harry said. And I said laughing. "I was one of them." We find our way out of the mob and get to the gates. We get out VIP passes and ho ride some rides. I dragged Harry onto Max Air. And then we went to Power Tower. We went on the blast off side. Then I took him to Top Thill Dragster. Once we got off the park was open. We got mobbed again. But worse. We went to ride the train. And we decided to wait in the station. Big mistake. Everyone there wanted to meet us and ask us questions. So we were theoretically mobbed a third time. Later in the day towards 6p.m. We went in line to get food. Now it wasn't the people in line that bothered us. Not the people working but the people eating. We got our food and we sit down and everyone gets up and fills in the table next to us. And kept walking over pretending and by this point it was getting annoying. We were mobbed all day. And when I say all day I mean all day. We get up and get a hand stamp and go back to the hotel. I call up Bill. "Hello?" He said. "Hey Bill what's up?" I say. "We are currently at the hotel pool. Why?" He asks "Because we are in the hotel. Can we come down?" I ask. "Sure." Bill replies. "Just tell me is anybody wearing a speedo?" I ask just to hear the answer. "No you're good. See you soon." He says. And I put my phone down and lay in the bed. "I'm  going to get ready." Harry says. Leaving me in the room. I start going threw my stuff. I didn't find a swimsuit. I tell Harry that I'll be right back. I grab the room key and car keys and drive to kalahari. I know what your thinking. That's a water park. But they have the best swimsuits here. I get a blue bikini with fringe on the top. A purple sparkling bikini and a solid black bikini. I bought them and left without getting mobbed. I run into the hotel and go to my room and burst threw the doors. Harry laughed. "What?" I say. I was trying to avoid the fans. I go into the bathroom and put on the black bikini. I pulled my hair in a bun so my hair wouldn't get wet. I walked out and Harry studied the bikini. "That's cute." Harry sarcastically says. "Gee thanks. We are going to the pool with old dudes. I don't think I need to look super attractive. It's good enough to be seen in public." I say. Because of the paparazzi. "Yeah. At least it's a bikini." Harry says smirking. I playfully punch him and get my room key and we walk out. *author note* Just so you know. Ron- 53 Bill- 50 Rick- 60 Lou- 55 I know Rick is old. But I don't care! Back to the story!! We walk out of the elevator to the indoor pool. There I see my six foot one uncle Bill. He was always the fun uncle. But my dads the best. "Alex! I haven't seen you in forever!" Bill yells. Drawing the attention to me. "Hey! Bill!" I say hugging him. Then Ron comes up and says. "Hey kiddo." And hugs me. By the way he's my godfather. Rick and Lou wave. "So Alex how was the rides?" My dad asks. "The rides were good. Like always. Harry was screaming the whole time to I was laughing. It was a good time but we got mobbed. All. Stinking. Day." I say. "Well that had to be pretty shitty." Bill says. All of my dads friends swear. "Yeah it was." Harry replies. "Soo this is Harry. Harry Styles. From the boy band right?" Ron says. "That's me." Harry says. Here we go. My family is to protective. You'd think he was purposing to me. "You take care of her or else Ima hurt you." Bill said. "Ha ha I will. And please don't." He says. That's my family. I see a jacuzzi. I have been eying it so I run to and crawl in. "Hello." Rick says. He was my friends dad. He still is but her dad but she's not my friend. "Hey." I say. Rick was reading a book in a chair behind me. "What fuck?!" Ron yell. I run out. "What happen?!" I scream. "Bill kicked me?" Ron yells. "Aww shit!" My dad yells. "What now!" I yell. "Their fighting." My dad replies. "Oh. Bill apologize to Ron." I say. "But-" I cut Bill off. "Apologize!" I say raising my voice. "Sorry Ron." Bill says. "It's ok." Ron replies and they hug. "Aww." Harry says. "You'd be great with kids." "That's good to know." I say. "She is. She babysat." My dad chimes in. "Eavesdropper!" I say. "That's what I do." My dad says. I look at the clock. It's eight. We should probably go. "Are you guys coming to the show." I ask. I could feel Harry mouthing something behind me. "Umm…yeah. We'll be there." Lou says. "See you there." I say. And Harry and I leave. "Your family is.…is something." Harry says as we walk into the elevator. "Yeah I know. It's kinda frighting." I reply. "Good thing that your not like them." Harry says wrapping his arms around me.
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