You and I [Elounor] ON HOLD

You and I.
We don't wanna be like them.
We can make it 'til the end.
Nothing can come between
You and I.
Not even the Gods above
Can separate the two of us.
No, nothing can come between
You and I.


4. Chapter Three

Louis’s POV

  Eleanor and I were curled up on the couch in my flat, watching The Proposal, the one with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, when my phone vibrated continuously in my pocket. I thought it was just one of the boys with something I could look at later, but when it continued, I took out my phone and realized that it was management.

“Gotta take this. Be right back,” I promised.

“Who is it?” Eleanor mouthed to me.

“Management,” I mouthed back.

She rolled her eyes and went back to watching the movie.

“Hello?” I asked as I migrated to my room.

“Louis, it’s David. Look, we need to talk to you.”

“Now? I’m kind of in the middle of something, so . . .”

“Yes, now. You can tell whoever you’re with that it will just take a minute.”

“Fine. Just go on.”

“Look, the fans don’t like the stunt you pulled in Madrid. You need to break up with Eleanor.”

“Why the fuck would I do that? You can’t control my life! I love her and proposed for a reason! I’m not just going to break up with her because of some fans!”

“They’re grouping together and will become powerful!”

“Can’t you find a way to control it? I mean, you control our lives, why can’t you expand to the fans?” I was getting ticked off by this. Why do they have to control us? It’s our lives, not theirs. We should be able to do whatever we want. Just because the fans want us to break up, doesn’t mean I want to!

“Look, we can only do so much. It’s up to you to control this. Either make them happier, or break off the engagement,” David instructed. He hung before I could answer.

“Why does this always have to happen to me?!” I screamed. I kicked the wall but I just ended up hoping around, holding my toe.

“Louis? Are you ok?”

“I’m fine,” I seethed.

“You don’t really look it. Are you sure you’re ok?”

“I’ve been better,” I admitted.

“Is your toe ok? Why would you kick the wall anyways?”

“My toe will be fine,” I growled. “Although our relationship may have just gotten a little bit more rough.”

“What did they want this time?” She sighed.

“For us to break up!”

“What did you say?” She implored.

“I said no. The fans are getting angry, and they think that we breaking up will solve the problem.”

“They actually said that?!”

“Yep! It’s either that, or make them happier. But how the hell would we do that?”

“I have no idea,” She said.

“Neither do I.” We’re so screwed.

  I was so mad, that when I went on Twitter, I almost went on a rampage. I was going to tweet something indirectly about management, but it was too rude, and they would’ve killed me, so I went for something a little bit less direct.

@Louis_Tomlinson: Not even the gods above can separate the two of us. 



I know it's really short, but I didn't know what else to add, and I also really want to get this started, because I have plans and I update Half A Heart after You And I, and I also want to get started on that, and yeah. But I hope you like this terrible chapter! And this won't make much of an appearance later, this is just a filler, and I don't think management is this bad, but it's a story. it's fiction, go along with it. 

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