You made me feel again


2. 7:00 on the dot

I awoke to the sound of my alarm going off. I flung my hand in the direction the beeping was coming from. I knocked the clock onto the ground and it stopped beeping. I sat up my head was dizzy, rubbed my eyes and yawned. Then I remembered. My eyes opened wide and a great sinking feeling started in the pit of my stomach "fuck" I whispered. Today was the day that i stated my new school. My dad had said" it'll be good for you lils, a fresh new start, for a fresh new girl" I rolled my eyes. My dad insisted on getting me out of my depression, and 'starting fresh' I rolled my eyes once more and looked down and my scar carved arms and sighed."well I guess I better get dressed" I said to myself. I got up and quickly changed into leggings a baggy shirt and a denim jacket. I pulled the bobble out of my hair and let it messily wave down my back. I brushed it quickly and put my make up on, putting dark eyeliner around my eyes. I grabbed my bag and went down stares. I picked my car keys up of the kitchen counter and yelled to my dad " bye dad wish me luck!" I heard a muffled bye. Shrugging I went out the door, skipping breakfast like usual. I got into my cream mini and turned it on. I jumped at how loud the music was, turning it down quickly,I reversed out the drive way and onto the road.

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