Help! I'm obsessed with fan fiction!

It all started on one faithful long airplane journey for Louis Tomlinson, from him it spread like wildfire across all the boys until all they thought about was the next chapter of their favorite fan fic.


4. Not so innocent (Harry's take)

HAI GURL! Or guy. Whichever one applies to you. I never understood when you sign up for things and they ask your gender they have other. Like what are you supposed to be? A mix of both? Half of you is a guy the other is a girl? That's pretty messed up. I know about messed up, I dated Taylor Swift. That is truly messed up. But I'm supposed to tell you what happened. So let's start! #letsgetiton. You like that? I'm gonna include tons of hashtags!

I was sitting in the living room, casually sipping my tea. When Niall strolled in, a ball in hand, covered in dirt. Louis had also walked in behind him, also dirty. I made a face of disgust. I hated dirt in the house.

"Go take a shower." They both laughed.

I felt offended that they wouldn't listen to me. Louis went upstairs, I could only hope he was going to shower. Niall on the other hand sat his dirt bum on my very clean lap, on my new pair of sweatpants. MY NEW PAIR! My eyes widened.

"Hey Hazza are these new?" He asked, plucking at the material. I made a loud gasp. This boy couldn't be serious. He moved his bum around in my lap. He stood up and I gasped again at the sight of the brown marks against the white fabric.

He just laughed and walked upstairs His laugh bouncing off the walls. The evil little leprechaun. I heard a bing.

Now you probably know what that was right?

I picked Niall's phone up off the floor. I turned on his phone and it was a notification about some cookie that was Niall's and it had updated Rebel.


I was just as confused as you are.

I opened the app and a writing competition banner was on it.

You're still confused right? I was too.

I tapped My Library and found book covers with titles. I saw Niallscookie. I tapped on the name. Her profile popped up and I was surprised at the sight. She clearly was a Directioner. She wrote stories. I tapped Rebel. It seemed really popular. Well all her stories were popular but her cover intrigued me. Did I use that word right? Ah who cares. I read the blurb.


Chantelle is a girl who doesn't follow rules.

Reminds me of Niall. And Louis. OOO I HOPE THEY'RE TAKING A SHOWER!

She likes to travel the less travelled path.

Reminds me of Zayn. He's exotic. ;)

She's doesn't fall in LOVE. Never has, never will.

She doesn't fall in love! What kind of person is that!

She doesn't have these things called 'feelings'

Now that's just weird!

She's single, but she'll never admit it. She's in a relationship with fun and freedom.

Hey! That's me! Niall too, I guess. #dontcare

There's just one thing many people don't know.

Well what is it! Get to the point!

She's Harry Styles' sister.

Oh shit.

Niall's reading fan fic.

*Brittany Spears bursts into the room* I'm not that innocent.

Thank you Brittany.

What in the actual fuck!

See now you're even more confused cause you're like "HARRY! YOU CURSE!"

Yes, I do. Only when things get too out of hand. Or I'm scared.

Things just got too out of hand.

That's how I discovered Fan Fiction. I didn't read it, but that's for another time.





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