Help! I'm obsessed with fan fiction!

It all started on one faithful long airplane journey for Louis Tomlinson, from him it spread like wildfire across all the boys until all they thought about was the next chapter of their favorite fan fic.


3. It was Louis' fault (Niall's take)

It was Louis' fault.

Am I done? Liam says I'm not done. Poop. Alright! Gather 'round children sit down and craic daddy will tell you a story about how his Crazy Mofos write stories called Fan Fiction or as I call it Crazy Mofo Fiction. It all started on a unusually warm Wednesday and I wanted to go play a little footie and who's the best footie player in the band? Louis! So I knocked three times on the door and it flew open, Louis' head poking out. I let out a manly, very manly scream and said these exact words. "What in the actual fuck is wrong with you?!" He rolled his sassy blue eyes. "What do you want Niall?" "I want to play some footie outside. So get ready. Now." I said, standing proud. Louis could tear down your confidence in a second. Being shy and posing everything as a question and not a demand wouldn't help you. Period. "Niall, have you forgotten it London we're in? It's cold outside!" He objects. I roll my eyes. "Actually it's pretty warm. You don't even need a jacket! Now move!" I command, standing to the side. He sighed. I heard a few bangs and groans and he walked out in basket ball shorts and a Manchester United jersey. He stomped down the stairs, ball in hand. I smiled but realized he left his room door wide open and there smack dab on his bed was his iPhone that just happened to light up in the dark room. I swiftly ran in and out, shutting the door. I read the notification. "Niallscookie updated Rebel" I raised an eyebrow and realized it was from an app with the picture of a m. I tapped on the notification and the app opened, Louis didn't have a passcode. The idiot. It opened a home screen and I dropped the phone when I saw a banner on it. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. A Fan Fiction Competition. My heart was racing. Louis was reading Fan Fiction. I was scared and curious at the same time. I downloaded the app. It was called Movellas. As soon as it finished downloading I put Louis' iPhone back in it's place and walking down the stairs and into our backyard where Louis was waiting impatiently.

There ya go! That's how I really found out about Fan Fiction. It was all Louis' fault! He's currently reading over my shoulder. HEY! STOP! SGYGFYUHUHDWEFHGEY

Niall had to leave for a second but I'll gladly keep you company though! It wasn't my fault that Niall was snooping through my business just had to make that clear! WESTSIDE!


Louis just pushed me off my chair and stole the pencil! How very dare you! adjhigfedtedgw

Are you quite finished?


Louis needs to stop doing that! It hurts! gyjerujh

Sorry boo!


You're forgiven. Even though you pushed me again.

Alright I'm done now! It's on to the next boy!    

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