Help! I'm obsessed with fan fiction!

It all started on one faithful long airplane journey for Louis Tomlinson, from him it spread like wildfire across all the boys until all they thought about was the next chapter of their favorite fan fic.


5. Hi Liam here

Hi guys, Liam here! How is everyone? Alright let's get to work. Adjkldgvdy

*brittany spears bursts into the room.* Now get to work bitch.


HARRY! You can't go around quoting Brittany Spears! But back to MY story.

Hi I'm Liam. I've been fan fic clean for a few minutes now. When I think I'm getting over my problem, it drags me in deeper into its dark depths. I scream for help. But it's too late, I've fallen to far for anyone to hear me. I'm lost in the darkness. I'm alone, my black iPhone gives light as my eyes follow the letters that form words, drawing me closer and closer to my destination. Insanity.

Oh dear. That was scary. Maybe I need to take a breath. I gave myself the shivers. Did you shiver? I did. It was a big one. I've never written anything like that. None of the boys' entries look like mine. Oh my, I've broken a rule haven't I?! I probably wasn't supposed to mention going insane! Was I? We're the boys supposed to do what I'm doing?

Hold up.

I never explained how I started reading the stories.

So basically I got it from the very sexy sexy Zayn Malik. You're probably like 'Why'd you repeat yourself Liam?' I repeated myself because Zayn is that much of, excuse my language but a sexay mothafucka. Ya dig?

I can't explain how I got it from Zayn until he writes his chapter but I'll leave you with this inspirational quote.

"If you're gonna hit someone and get in trouble, might as well them hard.

-Harry Styles"

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