Living with Niall ( Sequel )

It will make a lot more sense to read the first book. It is called ' Adopted by Niall'. So Niall bought a house. Katy is still happily living with them. Niall is dating. Niall, Katy,the boys and girls find out secrets they have never known. What will happen when everybody finds out different secrets? Will they stay together, or fall apart?


2. Sleepover and a secret

I bound down the stairs and I don't see Amanda. " Where's Amanda" I ask. " She left. She has to be somewhere" he says. I sit down. We start to eat and my phone rings. I get up and go get it. I don't want to stop cause I'm eating my favorite dinner, spaggetti. " Hello" " Hey Katy. Can I come over please" it's Emily. Sorry but I forgot to tell you. I go to school. Yeah. I go to a private school. I made friend. Lots of friends, but Emily is the only one that I first met there. We are best friends. I guess. Me and Cassidy are still best friends forever." Uh, I don't know we just moved and we are eating dinner and" " ppplllleeeeaaaassseeee" she begs me." Hold on" I walk over to Niall" Can a friend sleepover please" " Sure just be careful" I nodd." Yeah come over" She squeals and hangs up. I text her our address. 

She comes over and play our wii, kinect, do makeovers, and lots of other stuff. Emily falls asleep but I stay awake. I sigh and head back out to he pool. I turn the lamp posts and dip my feet in. It's heated so it's nice and warm.  Somebody. Omes back out. It's Zayn. What is he doing here?" Why are you here?" I ask." Niall wanted us to come over" " Oh ok" we sit there in silence for a while." Can I tell you something?" he asks me. " Sure. I won't tell anybody" he breathes out." Liam abuses Jacob but he likes the pain" he says. My eyes widen. Why? I get up and head to my room. It's only 3:00 in the afternoon. Emily is awake from her nap." Can you go home please" I whisper to her. She nodes and calls her mom." It's not you. I need to figure something out" I say thinking up images of Jacob getting beaten. " Ok good I thought I did something" she says. " No" I say giggling. Her mom comes and she leaves.

I head up to my room. I lay on my bed and think about it. I get up and draw. It helps me. I draw different knifes,swords, and other torture weapons. Well, I'm mad and this is how I express my feelings.  I soon fallasleepin my spinning chair thinking about Jacob and having a dream.

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