Living with Niall ( Sequel )

It will make a lot more sense to read the first book. It is called ' Adopted by Niall'. So Niall bought a house. Katy is still happily living with them. Niall is dating. Niall, Katy,the boys and girls find out secrets they have never known. What will happen when everybody finds out different secrets? Will they stay together, or fall apart?


5. A plan to stop Austin

Austin's P.O.V.

She left. I'm so going to punish her. I stormed out of the mall very mad.  I see a house. Ill ask them, I think. I walk over acting all nice. " Hey. Do you need something?" This guy asks me. I see beer bottles everywhere. I could go for one......  " Uh yeah. Can I have one first of all?" The guy looks t me like Are you serious? Some other guy gets up, who is more drunk, and gives me 3. I set them down." Second, have you seen a girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She has a pink extension. About my height?" I ask. " Her name katy?" I nod yes in response." She's my daughter" he says. I shake his hand and drink and talk to him and his buds forgetting about Katy.

Katy's P.O.V.

I hear Austin downstairs getting drunk and talking to Harry,Zayn, and Niall. I gulp scared. Think katy think! I got it, I think. " I'll just climb out the window and run to home" I whisper to myself.  I take the water bottle in my room and climb out my window,jump to the ground, and start to run to my house. Not today anymore Austin. 

I get home, I go inside to my room, and change into sweats. I pick out gray sweat pants, and a pink shirt that says ' New York Paris London' but going down. ( I have this shirt ) I lay down in my bed and watch tv. I laugh at the tv and here the door open. Must be the boys. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I was right. I get up and meet the boys. Liam and Louis are helping the other 3 since they are so drunk. Oh Niall. He's not it so much. I help him to his bed and he lays down." Katy, I met Austin and he said you were dating him. But Zayn told me you were dating Jason and showed me a picture of him. What's going on?" He tells me. Shoot no. I sit next to him on the bed and pull the covers up cause it is so cold." Well, Austing thought I was pretty and made me his and now I'm forced to date him. It's horrible. He does nasty things." He looks at me wide eyed." No not that yet. He thinks I'm to skinny and small." I say somewhat embarrassed. He hugs me and I guess he only had one since he isn't drunk. " When are going to see him again?" " Tomorrow he is coming to pick me up so he can take me to his house. I don't want to go!" I say. " You won't. Zayn will answer the door and he will think it will be you since he thinks you will answer the door and when they get there, Zayn will teach him a lesson." He says. " ZAYN!!!" He calls. Zayn entered clearly better than before andniall tells him the plan. " Ok yeah" he says and leaves. I hug him and thank him. He says anytime. I fall asleep snuggled up to him thinking I'm finally safe.

No Ones P.O.V.

Katy thought she was safe. But she gathers more deadly secrets. The boys have more deadly secrets. Can theses secrets year the band apart? Will they keep them to themselves? Will they let the Slip? Now that there are secrets, no one is safe. Austin will want revenge, Jacob is hurting, and Jason might find out more of Katy's secrets. No one is longer safe.


Hope you guys like this chapter. Sorry I haven't updated. I've been busy with my new book and stuff at home. Well bye- Nialls peaches.

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